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Metabo Max 12 impact driver.


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Hi folks,

I know it sounds like I am in love with Metabo tools, but here we go with another bit of kit bought by me to replace another tool that was stolen when the thieves wiped out my van a few months ago.

The Metabo Max 12 impact driver is my secret weapon against the screw nothing bigger than your hand and wrist will reach,or up in the gods perched on one leg and even then on tip toe to get an M10 bolt that any other mortal would say sod that I may die trying.

Fact, it has now been used solid for a few months on real, dusty,windy,wet god forsaken job sites in British weather and has done exactly the same jobs as my workmates 18v impact drivers (Yes I am serious ) and obliterated the other more well known model which died the second week ( it was a very short service and few words I could repeat were spoken).

This is a very very very good tool and later this year will be available not only with the 2 1.5 amp batteries, but the Max 12 pro now is becoming available with 3ah and soon 4ah batteries which just leaves the competition behind by a country mile.

They will also be producing a recip saw for 12 and 18v so imagine lads 4ah of power in the big and the little stuff.How cool is that gonna be? :)

The down side?Well my model has no battery status indicator so I have the other battery small as it is,in my pouch or pocket if I stray too far from the charger.

The work light on the tool is nice and bright but sometimes it can cast a shadow or two but that is very rare and has never effected the job in hand but wanted to be honest about it.

And don't think this costs the earth either 140 quid gets you this tool with 2 of the1.5 batteries and a quality case.

Tool availability is however a major down side to Metabo ownership.Even this side of the pond I have spent a stupid amount of time to get the information on the new kit, and even then I had to use a translator application from the German site.

Metabo are fantastic toolmakers, but product promotion and sales are about as crap as it gets, because you have to go looking for them as Metabo's idea of a big promotion seems to be all based in Germany with a few token appearances at shows in other parts of the world.( that's how it looks )

It's as if they are the quiet guy of the tool world who never brags, never shouts, but you just know if it came down to it in a fight everyone else would end up with vital bits hung in a sling.

I just finally want to stress this tool was bought by me out of my own pocket and I do not work for any tool company.

I am just bluntly honest about any tool I review and concentrate on all the stuff you can't get out of reading what is on the box, down at the tool store, or on some dodgy description on a web site.

And remember folks Unlike some film stars, Builders do ALL our own stunts. :D

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Just as an ongoing report on this tool.

Still going strong and has had some very very hard work to do.This is fast becoming close to my number one fave tool.

I hope to be doing some side by side comparisons against other 10.8v/12v max impact drivers but one thing I will say is it is better than the Bosch one I had before.

Still a bit miffed at the lack of battery life indicator as this is something I have got used to on other tools.

But as far as working hard no problem whatsoever.

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