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10" Saw blades

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I got a Dewalt DWS7480 for Christmas. I'm my wife has requested raised garden beds and trellises (I hope that spelt right) made of Cedar. We will also be building fencing out of pressure treated wood. I've come to the realization that I also need a mitre saw but before I get too ahead of myself what's a good blade for ripping up cedar? HD has Diablo 50T general purpose blades and then they also have a 40T crosscut. Would the 2 of those make for a good combo? There are soooooooooooo many blades to choose from its kinda crazy. Both blades are around the $40 mark, the cross cut is maybe closer to $50. I've also seen some Daredevil blades on Amazon but they're unrated and I've had good success with Diablo for my 6.5" Fuel. Also I know most people seem to love them too but I don't know what a good blade to run in a table saw would be.


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the 50T combo and the 40T are pretty similar. I'd get a 20 / 24T blade for ripping and a 50/60T for cross-cuts.


Get the 40T or 50T combo if you only want to buy one blade.

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The 50T combo is the way to go.  If you get a 10" miter saw get a second finer blade for it that way you can swap blades between saws for more variety.


Keep in mind the DWE7480 only cuts 3-1/8" so you'll need to take two passes on a 4x4.  Make sure any miter saw you get has the capacity for cutting a 4x4.

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