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Some Home Shots.......(Italy)


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 after a chatting in the chat room I figured I would share some pics and a little history of the Island I was from in Italy...(I moved away when I was almost 9 but have returned many times, we still own the same home on the island) 

There is some history here on the island, it has been occupied for a long time....
on the island there are still ruins of the 2nd Roman Emperor "Tiberius" who built villa's there when he was in power from from 14 AD to 37 AD he had married Augustus's daughter which then became known as Tiberius Julius Caesar. If you have never heard of him from history books then maybe you have heard of his great nephew Caligula.

on a clear day you can see Mount Vesuvius and Pompei right from our balcony you can see part of it on the far right of one of the pics..

view from front of house and back of house....


the Island is 99% tourist and you might want to hold off on shopping as it is all high end boutiques with items costing in the thousands......







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That is awesome Comp! My family is from a small town near Palermo, Sicily. The pictures my uncle showed us of his trip last year to see our family look very similar. I want to learn to speak Italian and make a trip over there in the next 5 years or so. Thanks for the share

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Very nice comp. my youngest daughter is going to John Cabot university in Rome. She sends pics from all over Italy as she has been touring around on weekends. The kids are half Italian on her mothers side. Greco.

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