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Miter Saws aka is the Hitachi C10FSH any good?


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So basically I picked up a Dewalt tough case kit on clearance for cheap figuring I could sell the kit, and keep the case for free. I've been offered a C10FSH as trade for a Dewalt 3spd premium brushed, brushed impact, flashlight, charger, 4Ah and 2Ah batteries. I've been looking around for a miter saw. I want something decent that will cut true as I plan on building more stuff for my yard and for the house too.

Is that a decent saw? Should I hold out for more? He says it's only been used lightly for 1 project while his was getting fixed. I'm not against the trade but I don't want a crap saw either. So what say you? I'm typically team red tho I do have a couple yellow things and sometimes the Germans have a good idea tho more corded doodads.

So what say you?

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That appears to be an older model, personally, now this is just me, I would like to have a 12in, just because your never know when you might want that extra capacity. I'm not a huge fan of tool trades, but again this is just me, if you don't need that dewalt kit I guess it's not a terrible trade, I would assess your needs.


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This is the at my father in laws (terrible pic I know, all I have on my phone right now) it does good, and I like the laser on it. I had to dial in the miter detents, because it wasn't set true out of the box. Check for true and put a good blade on, you're not going to be impressed with the saw but its nice overall

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I agree with Kruton hold out for awhile save some more money and get what best fits your needs without leaving yourself wanting more, I have the dewalt dws780 and absolutely love it! The cod lighting system works awesome though it is a beast of a machine I don't think I'll need anything else in the near future and I did just like your doing saving and selling tools I didn't need to get it, it took awhile but it was all worth it. 

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