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Who Needs Batteries.....


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20 minutes ago, KnarlyCarl said:

Never seen those in person, looks like that would put some extra meat on ya. Have you used these much?

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I watched my father use them quite a bit and have tried them but no I don't use them at all, it is a shame cause they will out last all of us if we use them or not


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9 minutes ago, JimboS1ice said:

Buried in my fiancees grandmas basement is a set, though mostly rusted... she also has a very nice set of Ridgid pipe wrenches I was told will be in my possession one day!

get those puppies soaking in some oil...then when you get them it will be easy to clean up


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On 4/15/2016 at 8:19 AM, comp56 said:

just a bit of elbow grease and look out......



that is diffinitly one of the better ones ive seen. i did work for a couple in upstate ny a few years back, and the mother was telling me how her oldest son had dropped out of collage and moved to NH to get into wood working, and she couldnt wait for him to meet me. the following week he comes home, and you could tell he was one of those" low impact to the earth type of people", really nice kid. we talk for awhile, and then he ask me if i want to see his new brace, i said sure, he leaves the room and im wondering what the hell he is talking about, i hope its not a knee brace. he comes back with this beautiful wooden case and inside is one of these braces with a leather tool roll full of beautiful auger bits, he said he needed it for his timber framing work in NH, I was floored, here i am over twice his age and the only manual tool i have in the room is my pencil.

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