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Milwaukee 2754 3/8 impact review.


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I figured I would update you guys on how this m18 mini beast is doing now that it has seen a good amount of use. I absolutely love this little guy. It is one of my most used tools if not the most used. I have used this thing on everything from tires to dropping read ends and it has worked flawlessly. Mikwaukee claims 210 ft lbs but I have yet to test the torque on it with my torque wrench but I can tell you they definitely didn't overrate this little guy. The grip is also very comfortable to use whether you are holding it upside down or at pretty much any angle. It is also light enough that I can hold it overhead without an issue even with a 5.0 battery. While we are on the subject of batteries let's talk about the runtime with the 5.0 battery. Last week we had to take out and put new bearings in a rear end for a 2003 explorer and it took out everything except the axle nuts, I used the 2763 for that, and by the time we had the rear end back in the car it still had 3 bars on the battery. It was fully charged when we started. All day runtime shouldn't be an issue for this little guy. The different speeds/modes also came in handy for ensuring I didn't over tighten certian bolts. The fourth mode which supposedly shuts off after one second of impacting doesn't work the best with mine though. The time is way over one second but it doesn't bother me though, I didn't buy it for that feature. That is my only complaint about the impact so far though. So to sum up this review I am highly impressed so far. The impact is almost the same size as an air impact but without the hassle of a hose and is at roughly the same power too. It was time for me to cut the hose and I am happy to report I am not looking back. 




All day runtime





4th mode impacts too long








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On April 18, 2016 at 8:37 PM, jeffmcmillan said:

Hahaha. You really had to stretch for something.  Great review.

I used the fourth mode again today and it actually worked perfectly. I don't know what is up. I'll keep using it and let you guys know if it acts up again. If it keeps working I'll update the review

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Now that I've been using the impact professionally at my new job I figured I'd update you guys on how it's holding up. I've used this impact to do anything from tire rotations to brake jobs and it has worked great. once in a while I run across a stubborn lug nut that it can't remove but so long as the lug nuts were torqued the last time the car was serviced it will have no issue with them. The runtime is still incredible with a 5.0 battery, I have charged it twice since I started about a month ago. One thing I have noticed is that the fourth mode doesn't work on lug nuts but for what ever reason it will work on anything else. I'm not sure if it has something to do with aluminum wheels or what. That is the only issue I've had with the gun but if that is the only issue with it I will be pleased. It still has plenty of power and hasn't lost any since I bought it. I haven't compared it to my air 3/8 but I also haven't used it since I bought this either. I have cut the hose since I bought this impact and I doubt I will use one again for 3/8 drive.

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