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Yard Yahtzee dice build


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I saw something that looked fun to make the other day......yard yahtzee dice.  I'm not sure where I saw it, but right away I thought it was funny and my wife and kids really wanted me to make a set, so I did.


The idea of the game is exactly the same as the regular version with two exceptions....the dice need to be very large and instead of a cup, you use a 5 gallon bucket.  Simple enough.


I first took a 4x4 piece of douglas fir that I had laying around and cut it into 3.5" sections.  That way, the dice would be 3.5" x 3.5".  When you cut wood like this, you end up with sharp edges and no dice that I have ever seen had sharp edges.   I took a 3/8" round over bit in my new router table setup and ran all the edges through.  This really makes the blocks close to what real dice are supposed to feel and look like.


After that, I took a bit that I have never used and I'm not sure what it is called, but I think it is for making rounded flutes and with the aid of a stop block to make everything consistant, drilled the holes using my drill press.  I followed the exact pattern of a real set of dice.....I'm detailed like that.




From there, I sanded and spray painted the dice antique white because that is the color white I had laying around.




After they dried, I hand painted the 100+ dimples with black paint and after they dried, I used a spay can of glossy clear coat to protect the white paint and to give it some gloss.




Just this evening, we periscoped our first ever game of Yard Yahtzee and the dice survived the abuse with only minor grass stains.


Oh by the way, Mondo bet on my daughter beating me and she lost by a lot.  I wish we would have had some kind of wager on it.  LOL!  Maybe next time.

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Appreciate the detail you put into this, I can imagine you going through the motions of each piece and the 100+ times painting the dots in.  As for games, forget it, you would have to play it for me!! I am boring like that HA!

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