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My new Solo 665 to 681 build

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Hey gang,


I'm recovering from a bad broken hip/femur and the surgical repair. So, I've been laid up unable to do much. I figured I would make a project out of a saw that I originally planned to sell. I got a great deal on a nos Solo 665 and did a top end swap to turn it into a 681. First I have done anything like it. Of course I have not been able to fire it up, so for all I know it's going to explode immediately after starting!

Anyway, here's some pics of the process;


665 cilinder and carb removed.



65cc vs 82cc. Big difference!



681 cylinder on the right, with the decomp valve. It actually weighs a bit less than the 665 what with the bigger hole in it!



Gotta do it right, some 0.032" rosin core solder to measure squish. Came out perfect at 0.02 with base gasket.



The finished product with a sweet 24" Total Light and Tough!



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Never heard of Solo, very interesting undertaking, i'm quite unfamiliar with engine builds, only rebuilt one on my own, much bigger than this, but i have lost interest since then....

Did you have to keep the solder in place with some flux or special glue is that what that goo is?

Is this something you do for a living, or just a little project you did and going to sell the saw?

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