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  1. Hello, I think it will be armature fault. Just try to connect motor without switch to battery and check how motor runs - I think it will not run.
  2. Your welcome, This is my store. Normally items to USA arrives in 2-6 weeks... Orders is sent from Lithuania
  3. Hi, hope that will help: http://partssupply.co.uk/index.php?id_product=2429&controller=product&search_query=182597-2&results=1
  4. Hilti is best tools in market, but here in Lithuania it`s to expensive to repair them after 3 years warranty...
  5. Andrius


    It`s gear assy fault. This is wear and tear sign. It can`t be hammering all the time, just press drill chuck to wall or table or something else and try to turn drill on and you will see difference it`s hammering or not. For that noise it can be two problems one is gear assy and second is when drill stops it stop slow not right after that when you release button. If drill stops slow wen you release button then you need new switch because electronic brake is not working.
  6. Yes! You need switch Just check carbon brushes and ball bearings Old tools is worth of repairing
  7. Great deals and prices is very good for everything
  8. Maybe you made video of cleaning? And waiting pictures Some times all is need is to clean the tool
  9. Nice Knipex pliers You will be happy with them
  10. If you wish I can try to get it in Europe and send it to. Just pm me
  11. I think with new batterie it will perform same s your pod style drill, but I think that two batteries will cost more then you paid for tool
  12. You need to change belt rollers and check ball bearings. Maybe some ball bearings are not moving smooth so belt slips because its hard to spin other parts...
  13. Hello, change it to new chuck. Inside you will find dirt or broken jaws gears. 30 USD for chuck? For that price you can get good metal chuck. Your chuck is 1/2" and it takes 13 mm max width. Link for example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/13mm-MANGANESE-STEEL-KEYLESS-CHUCK-1-2-x-20-UNF-HEAVY-DUTY-METAL-DRILLING-63361-/401140645496?hash=item5d65d87e78:m:m2ivhKzAEf-Mwcg7Q3S6WJg
  14. I will go for Hitachi because they making good tools But it`s 26 dollars so I think if it will not work good you will not be sad
  15. I love that holder because of it`s stregth
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