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  1. saw that picture as well on fb - really nice shop
  2. I go on yard sales / garage sales / real estates sales all the time but I never find good tool deals - gratz man
  3. the 2HP 4 Gallon 125-PSI is also available without the wheels, so just a hand carry one product #: CET4-20
  4. really nice project - looks good man
  5. I know lots of people who keep license plates for memories - I like that
  6. Bosch has actually 4 different air compressor: electric: 1HP 3-Gallon 120-PSI (hand carry); Product #: CET3-10 - oil lubed; weight 57lb, 72 dBA 2HP 4-Gallon 125-PSI (collapsible handle and 10-in pneumatic wheels); product #: CET4-20W - oil lubed; weight 85lb, 80 dBA, it fills up the tank from 0-125 PSI in 45seconds - recovery time is 10seconds. 1.5HP 8-Gallon 120-PSI (wheelbarrow compressor); product #: CET8-15W -oil lubed, weight 180lb, recovery time 17 seconds gas powered: 6.5HP 8 Gallon 120-PSI (wheelbarrow compressor); product #: CGT8-65W - oil lubed, 200lb, Honda GX engine, recovery time 14 seconds just a few specs if you guys are interested
  7. whats the product number ? I gonna look into
  8. the GCM12SD is just a beast. I love that saw and the investment is well worth it. I barely move my saw but if I have to, I don't mind carry it to the jobsite - 65lb is not that heavy. just have a good breakfast and you are good to go. the saw is pretty good balanced and has some nice handles in the extension wings (or better to say, below it). the GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Station is also a nice addition to the saw, for jobsites. the T4B gravity-rise miter saw stand with wheels looks a little bit flimsy to me. but you can leave the saw mounted on the stand and roll it around. i bought the saw about couple month ago from home depot and they had that saw for 650 for about 2 days. i didn't hesitate and bought it right away. msrp is 750 or 800
  9. so far everyone was impressed of those pneumatic tool kit. they prolly just made the review after a few projects but I don't think they gonna last so long when you use them everyday or weekly.
  10. definitely a nice one-handed recip saw. how are the vibrations ?
  11. when you go to www.toolbarn.com and order $800 or more of the qualifying bosch products listed below (on that page) and receive a power box 360 jobsite radio FREE maybe someone is interested in buying a miter saw there and a drill to get a free radio
  12. Porter cable offers the same combo kit. it was available at home depot for the same price, but like 2 month ago. whats the recovery time of that bositch compressor? or how quick can it fill up the tank?
  13. I just found a special buy on homedepot for today, maybe someone is interested. I cant paste the link in this thread so I just leave the product # and u guys can go to homedepot and search for it. Model#: HDX4PFNKT the kit cost $99 and has pretty good reviews. what u think about it?
  14. thanks DR99 for ya comment. you are right, 4 gallon isn't much but it prolly should work out just to apply some finish on a few cabinet doors or something. not planning on spraying a car but the bosch air compressor fills up quickly....so I can spray 2 doors, wait 10 seconds and its full again
  15. sup fellas, im looking forward to buy an air compressor and first I look into the porter cable mushroom style compressor for $120 or something. but im not sure about that item, didn't get good reviews. and im a kinda person, don't go cheap So I looked into my favorite manufacturer and found the CET4-20W. (all my tools in my shop are blue ) does anybody own a "Bosch CET4-20W" ?, or made any experience with it? I gonna need it for my nailguns, sprayer etc in the shop. TIA hasn't reviewed / tested that item yet - so maybe its time to do that haha. (at least I didn't find anything) Thanks Alex
  16. sup fellas, once I watched TIA's channel for a long time I thought its time to look into their forum. infos about me: my name is alex, 27 and I live in one of the hottest places you can even imagine . looking forward to have a great time here - see you guys
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