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  1. These contacts will work in tandem with the new HD batteries to increase current to the motor. As an example, pretty much most 18v power tool battery packs on the market at the moment will draw 23A continuously with no issues. If this increases you will likely activate any overload protection. The new Ryobi batteries (and new AEG for that matter) will allow a brushless tool to draw much more than 23A continuously for more power. I’m not sure of the exact current draw for the new batteries yet but Ryobi has had this technology in their 36V batteries since 2014 whereby a brushless tool can draw up to 60A continuously. The impressive thing about that is the battery will discharge up to 140A momentarily before tripping the overload protection. These 36v batteries are called Max Power and have been in ANZ/EU/UK for years now. I’m not sure if the US have had this in the 40v range (Same as 36v). Makes you wonder if this has been a big test for Milwaukee to counteract Flexvolt while staying on the 18v platform.
  2. Has anyone put this up against the Festool equivalent yet out of interest? I've had a quick scan on YouTube but didn't find anything. I've been looking at the Festool for a while but I really want the FlexVolt table saw so if the DeWalt saw is any good it would make sense to stay on that platform for both tools.
  3. Rammstein2609

    40V vs 36V

    As a bit of fun, I've been looking at the new Ryobi 36V Brushless lawnmowers with Drive Assist and comparing them to the North American 40V Brushless. It's apparent the designers take their inspiration from completely different subjects, here is an image I've knocked up for the sake of conversation: M
  4. Yeah, it's a 4.5" or 115mm diameter disc. Anything larger would be classed as 'Trade/Professional' and remember Ryobi are a DIY/Homeowner brand. Not sure on price yet but it will obviously carry a premium over the brushed model. M
  5. Hi all This is finally in the public domain as Ryobi have posted a video on their EU YouTube channel: I've used this and it's impressive. Hooked up to a 9.0ah battery and it gets even better!
  6. That's the release date for EU and ANZ BUT, I believe Home Depot recently had an expo where Ryobi attended and showed the battery lineup for North America - 1.5ah, 2.0ah & 4.0ah standard pack and 3.0ah, 6.0ah & 9.0ah High Demand packs: Also on the 10" brushless sliding mitre saw side of things... This is a strange one as I don't believe this is the model being released in the EU and ANZ so may be North America specific. This looks like the operating mechanism from the AEG 10" saw and base from the Ridgid 7-1/4" saw.
  7. The 9.0ah pack looks big in the image but in reality is only around 17mm thicker at max, weight is obviously more though. I've heard a July 2017 launch for 9.0ah but 3.0 and 6.0 possibly delayed until end of the year. Also, these packs don't use 18650 cells! Watch this space as they have also incorporated some new technology hence the name High Demand! (Sorry can't say anymore than that)
  8. Hi Dwain Nice video, I watched it earlier when it came up on my YouTube feed. You guys have covered everything but here is a quick video I made showing how smooth it is to use: By no means is my video a review, it's simply a test with different cuts. A few observations, the dust collection is great but I had been using the saw all morning and didn't realise the bag was full until the dust was flying everywhere. Secondly, the rubber dust chute extension piece sometimes gets in the way with larger material so needs to be removed. Lastly, I had to remove the fence on the RH side when doing compound cuts as the battery mount kept catching it. I was using 4.0ah batteries but I must say the runtime was impressive. I can only imagine the runtime on the 2 6.0ah batteries I've got coming. Martin
  9. This saw does have an LED light which is great for lighting the cut area but it has a laser line to show the cut line - this can obviously be knocked off true by constant vibration. The Milwaukee (and DeWalt I believe) have a system where an LED shines at an angle on both sides of the saw blade which creates a perfect shadow of the blade. This guarantees a perfect cut line mark overtime and doesn't matter if you swap the blades out as the shadow will change. I'll hopefully get a video up of this tonight. Martin
  10. First off, I believe this isn't going to make it to the US but I believe they will release a version which matches there recent Brushless drill addition. This hit ANZ a few months ago and has now hit the UK and I'm impressed. I love the brushed Ryobi impact but the whole unit is a bit too big and the handle a bit chunky. This brushless model feels really nice in the hand with the slimmed down contoured grip. Ryobi have retained their Tri-Beam LED's which is great and now incorporate a 4 mode speed/torque selector (basically Milwaukee's 4 mode system from the FUEL gen2 impact). Speed 1 is around 50NM, speed 2 around 100NM and speed 3 is a massive 270NM! The 4th mode is Deck Drive which basically starts off slow to allow the screw to bite into the material, speeds up then just before you bury the screw head it slows right down so you have full control of how far to bury the screw or makes it easy to keep it flush. I've added this to my current brushless drill and now prefer these to my Milwaukee M12 FUEL models. Some photos below Martin
  11. Just got this saw and it's fantastic! The mechanism is so smooth and capacity is pretty decent too. I've been running it off a pair of 4.0ah batteries but I've got 2x6.0ah batteries on the way. I've played with the Milwaukee FUEL mitre saw and I must say the AEG beats it. Maybe a bit controversial but the Milwaukee sometimes feels like it struggles and the rail system they use does allow lateral twisting whereas the AEG is solid. The one thing I wish AEG would add is the LED shadow line system instead of the laser as the laser will get knocked around while the saw is in my van. I've got a job for the saw tomorrow so will post some photos and video of it in action. Martin
  12. ETA is Q3 2017 for EU and ANZ. I haven't heard of these making it into the US yet as they rejected 2.5ah and 5.0ah in 2015.
  13. It's strange how this drill doesn't have a ratcheting chuck whereas the one we have in Europe does. The one we have in the EU and ANZ looks better IMO and has a nicer handle. Martin
  14. Here is another interesting review on how the overload/thermal protection is actually a timer or nail counter to prevent the unit ever getting to the point of over heating. I was going to sell off my Ryobi nailers and buy the Milwaukee models but I'll need to wait until they hit the UK before I can test one and make my mind up. Martin
  15. Cordless Ryobi sliding mitre saw on the stand in this photo :-)
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