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  1. Just got a dck299p2 combo kit and open it up to find that the 887 impact isn't assembled right. Where the plastic housing meets the metal, the plastic wasn't seated right and it was tightened up there. There was a small tab on the plastic that I actually had to cut off to get it to snap together right. I'm not sure if it was a manufacturing flaw or a bit of damage from tightening it without it being in the proper spot. It wasn't a big deal. I know I could have just returned it but I was able to fix it by just loosening up half the screws and not actually splitting the case. I know in manufacturing this kind of stuff is going to happen, but it just kind of shows assembled in the USA doesn't always make it better. I'm more of a milwaukee guy and this was a kit for one of our work trucks so I had to stir the pot a little.
  2. I have a 2753 and working with 14ga-18ga steel I find that the self tapping mode with a #10 screw wants to slow down and impact before it drills through the material. When I first got it I thought there was something wrong but after reading more it must be for really light material. Being that there are so many different applications its hard to please everyone with just 4 modes which is where one key comes into play but I don't really buy into the software side of that yet.
  3. I have a 2451, 2654, two 2655, 2659, 2662, and a bosch iwbh182. Not to mention my work truck has a 2755 and 2763 on it, yet I can hardly wait for the 2860. In reality I don't need it, but after listing out my impact wrenches I see I have a problem haha.
  4. I hadn't even seen the dch293 was released but that should be a more capable drill with 3.5j of impact energy. It also has a bare tool price of $380 where the dch133 has 2.6j and is only $190 bare. But I was more comparing it to the dch273 which is a brushless 1" with 2.1 joules for $290 or a milwaukee 2712 ($300bare) and 2713 ($280bare) which are similar in power. An arguement could be made either way as to whether a d-handle or compact is better. But I think the size rating are kind of goofy on rotary drills. I have a m18 2712 which is a 1" but I would say it's probably best suited drilling 3/8" to 1/2" holes. I've done 5/8" and 3/4" holes but it really drains a 5.0 battery like 2 10" deep holes per charge.
  5. Yea it's a sds plus and it seems to be priced right, being close to $100 cheaper than most cordless rotary drills in that 1" class.
  6. Do any of the insiders have any info on the possible release of a new dewalt 1/2 brushless compact impact wrench? I have a dcf880 1/2 compact that I would like to replace before spring. I know they just released the dcf890 3/8 brushless compact and I don't want to buy a dcf880 this month to have them release the 1/2 brushless next month. But there are also some deals to be had that I would hate to miss out on and then end up paying full price for a dcf880 if the brushless doesn't come out. My tool rep claims it's coming someday, but he's been saying this since the dcf886 came out. I'm sure it's just wishful thinking but after seeing milwaukees new mid sized impact wrench, could there be a mid sized in the works for dewalt? Is there any possibility that the reason dewalt didn't release a 1/2 brushless compact when they released the 3/8, is because they're going to release a new 1/2 mid sized brushless impact wrench?
  7. I agree these big batteries definately have their place and it's exciting to see them evolve. And maybe like Bremen says the weight added to the 3.0/9.0 will be weighed out by the extended runtime. I just think grinders are a little different animal than most of the other high demand tools. It's definately a high demand tool that will drain a battery in a hurry, but unlike your stationary tools or even the sds where the tools weight is mainly on the ground, the battery end of a grinder is supported almost entirely by the user. In the end I'm sure it'll come down to personal preference and I'm sure now that I have the flexvolt system I'll try the 3.0/9.0 at some point.
  8. My personal collection -flexvolt 60v dcg414 -m18 fuel 2780 -m18 2680 -bosch 18v CAG180 My construction company Cordless -m18 fuel 2780 -m18 2680 3 -20v dewalt dcg414 2-18v dewalt dc411 Corded - milwaukee 11 amp 4.5in. 6146 2- dewalt 13 amp 4.5in. d28114 - dewalt 15 amp 7in./9in. Not sure what model, just know you better be hanging on tight. Next on the list is metabo being that they're supposed to be the grinders to have, but we use the corded models less and less and it's another battery platform to have to get into.
  9. Obviously not their intended use, but could get you out of a jam haha. I recently bought the flexvolt grinder because I bought into the idea of having corded power. Although I haven't really been able to test it's run time with the 2.0/6.0, I thought I was going to upgrade to the 3.0/9.0 when it came out, but now I'm not so sure. The first words out of anyone who picks it up at work is wow that's heavy, and that's with a 2.0/6.0. Now after owning it I don't know if I'd want it to be much heavier or bigger. I have a couple fuel grinder that I honestly thought I would buy some 9.0 for to get that long run time. But after having the flexvolt I'm starting to think a m18 5.0 with a lighter more compact grinder is better for probably 75%-90% of my tasks.
  10. Just the impact wrench I've been dreaming of ever since TIA reviewed the metabo ssw 18 ltx 400BL.
  11. The dcf890 is pretty dissapointing if you ask me. Why have we waited so long for dewalt to release this? If all dewalt was going to do was take a 886 and do a Jimbo swap with the anvil, why not release it years ago. If they had released it a couple years ago it may have satisfied me and many others and kept us from jumping ship to milwaukee. But at this point it's just a so so powered impact wrench with no speed controls. Also why is there no 1/2 compact brushless. The 899 is too heavy and overkill for most of my work and the carriage bolts that work with every day require a 1/2 deepwell socket, a 3/8dw just isn't deep enough. I've been hearing for years from my dewalt tool guy "oh yea brushless impact wrenches are coming." I guess at this point I was just hoping for more. Glad I'm happy with my fuel wrenches, but being a tool nut I gotta have them all.
  12. Biggie

    junk tools

    Just curious what application you're using your drills for when they burn up. Maybe we've just been lucky but we switched over to milwaukee 3 years ago and have crews beating the crap out of them daily (not their tools, don't care) and haven't had any major issues to speak of.
  13. Biggie

    m18 9.0

    I have read for a while but just joined the forum. I work ag construction building grain bins and grain elevators. It's pretty common to carry two power tools up a 100' grain leg, one being more high demand like a grinder or Sawzall and other being an impact or drill. We currently only have 4.0 and 5.0 but I hope to get my hands on a couple 9.0. For me it's critical to have compatibility because it's the difference between swapping batteries between the two tools I have to get that one more cut or climbing 100'. This is also why flexvolt is a huge turn off for me. I like the idea of having a cordless grinder that has the power of a corded and let's be honest the fuel grinder is good but not corded power good. So now let's say if I want to carry a flexvolt grinder and impact up to the top of a grain bin. I have to buy another bigger and heavier flexvolt battery to put in the impact just so I have the compatibility for that one more cut with the grinder.
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