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  1. Looks like a really ergonomic saw. With a fair bit of features. I like the design. Feeling I might get into the bosch cordless range? they are expensive but they are really good quality tools.
  2. Willy


    Thanks, I would say thre main focus is there grinders. Oz tool talk say they like there Milwaukee 18v fuel grinder. I wonder how that compares to the metabos?
  3. cheers Dwain thanks for the reply really appreciate it. I think I am just going to stick with my Makita 12v and 18v platforms for now on!!
  4. Willy


    Thanks for the lengthy reply I really appreciate it. I guess thats slightly changed my opinion on Metabo. Even though there are many opinions to go off. I have Makita and Dewalt and have never had a broblem with them. There brushed stuff is pretty good to.
  5. Ryobi is a great brand for the value. With there growing range and extended battery platform.They are implimenting new designs like quiet strike impacts etc. A light weight battery and a 5.0ah battery will do you fine and is a great Idea because the 2.5s are so light they feel like a toy compared to the 5.0ah.
  6. Willy


    Hi I was just wondering what people thought of Metabo. If they have used them before or If they have heard anything positive or Neagtive about them. Thanks, Willly
  7. Willy


    How is the Makita trim router handeling for you?
  8. Willy


    Yes I do I will be able to upload a picture later thanks, Willy
  9. Thanks Dwain love your videos. People say that Ridgid is a plumbers tool. But i think they have a good range for a great price. like there nailers and multi tool. I like Makita It is what I use every day. Panasonic has some ballsy stuff but they dont have the biggest range. I was wondering if anyone could give there views on what they think of Metabo. cheers, willy, Auckland, NZ
  10. Willy


    I have a couple of routers. I have a Makita plunge base router and an old Black And Decker router. When I say black and decker dont get hard on me. The model I have is a 7604 the router was made in the USA and is incredibly smooth and quiet. I love it so much in fact. I would put it up against any fixed base router. I am wanting to see your thoughts on Routers and what ones you perfer etc thanks for taking the time to contribute to this forum. cheers, william
  11. I would say Milwaukee. Simply because of ther huge 18volt and 12volt lineup. If you were looking to extend your range further Milwaukee would be the way to go. The one key system is good and if you work around alot of people it is a good tracking device they are stil trying to work on it and progress on it but its a start. Hope you have gained some helpfull information cheers, willy
  12. as we have said I think it depends what trades you are in. I think if you do alot of diffrent trades milwaukee 12v or 18v would be the way to go also makita 18v because the offer a range of diffrent specealised tools. Another low budget brand that has alot of tools for a great price is ryobi. Home depot are good with there promotions and so are Mitre 10 here in New Zealand who run what they call redemptions on tools. For example buy 1 drill driver combo kit and get an anglegrinder free etc.
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