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Metabo STA 18v LTX 140 4ah Jigsaw


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Item number: 6.01405.50

  • Extremely powerful jig saw with VTC electronics for fast cuts into softwood of up to 140 mm

  • High sawing performance: in excess of 40 metres in chipboard (19 mm) with only one battery pack charge

  • Extremely easy to handle: slimline handle with rubberised surfaces

  • Precise and material-matched sawing thanks to the variable stroke rate, pendulum stroke and low-lying saw blade guidance with spring support

  • Metabo "Quick" no-tool saw blade change function with automatic rejection

  • Convenient start automatic: automatic stroke acceleration when starting to saw

  • Simple bevel cuts thanks to no-tool adjustable footplate with rest points

  • Switchable shaving blower function ensures free view of cutting line

  • Integrated LED work light for optimum illumination of the cutting line

  • Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC) full wave electronics: maximum sawing progress thanks to constant stroke rate even under load

  • Restart protection: Prevents unintentionally starting the machine.

  • Robust gear and motor design and durable die cast aluminium gear housing

  • Sawing with a system: circle-cutting and parallel guide, guide rail adapter as well as various protective plates expand the spectrum of applications

  • World innovation! With a 4.0 Ah battery pack for 33% longer operating time per charge.

  • AIR COOLED technology for speedy charging and long service life

  • Robust battery packs with capacity display

  • Metabo Ultra M technology: Intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery packs with a 3 year guarantee

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All things considered such as price, product and service availability, etc. I don't consider Festool as a viable option even for a second. That's not saying they aren't good tools, just don't make sense in my area and for my needs.

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All things considered such as price, product and service availability, etc. I don't consider Festool as a viable option even for a second. That's not saying they aren't good tools, just don't make sense in my area and for my needs.

Once you start buying into the Festool system (drinking the green Kool-Aid as they say) these tools start making a lot more sense, granted they are priced for more than they are better so they are probably not one of the better values in the tool market.. As for the product, it is nice when all your tools play nicely together, and I have received nothing but stellar service from any of the Festool dealers that I have dealt with. If I didn't know how well Hilti takes care of its customers Festool would be number one in service. It is remarkable how quickly they fix problems or broken tools. None of this having to wait weeks for back ordered parts to come in. When you make your living with tools these things do matter, sometimes it is worth paying a little more to get this kind of interoperability and service. Even out here in the sticks of rural Florida I can find Festool dealers just as easily if not more so than I can find some other tool brands like Metabo, and I believe Festool dealers have a closer relationship to there distributors than most of the other common tools.

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I suppose it depends on what you are doing.

Festool just do not have the grunt for my job.A ferrari costs a fortune but it is a pile of crap if your moving a piano.LOL

When used for its proper purpose, a Ferrari kicks butt. You don't drive screws with a hammer. In their element Festool is a great tool.

Even Ferrari makes an SUV, the F151, although the Lamborghini LM002 would probably be better for moving pianos. Nothing like a 450 Hp. V-12 to get your piano up to speed. (if you had the money, I bet you would)

You have access to Protool,( Festools professional line) we don't have that option here in the states. :(

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Around here the only viable options are Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid, if you require a "nearby" service/swap out facility. Bosch and Hitachi are widely available but there aren't any service facilities in the vicinity.

What about Makita?

That sounds like a business opportunity, I hear it is pretty easy to get a Festool franchise. Especially if there aren't any around.

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I think most manufacturers are guilty of overlooking the internet and it's power as far as the worldwide community now being able to communicate and compare notes on products and services.

I am a big Metabo fan as I find them pound for pound to be the best I have used. BUT and it is quite a big BUT they are to marketing and distribution about as good as throwing a drowning man an anvil.

Over here if I didn't go looking on the net I would never know about new products and even when I do I find the people who sell them are still in a state of ignorant bliss that they exist so buying them is nigh impossible.

Add to this that in the U.S.A some products are lower spec and lack some of the features European buyers DO get and it is fair to say they may make a great tool but as far as marketing products they are still in the dark ages.

Take this to the other extreme and you find Dewalt you can hardly move in any trade outlet, D.I.Y store or virtually any publication without seeing what Dewalt offer.

You will fail to find a site that does a review on tools that does not contain the entire Dewalt package and the shear volume of marketing is a site to behold.

Milwaukee may be the same in the U.S but over here I have never ever seen a t.v advert featuring a Milwaukee product, they are unavailable at our biggest D.I.Y stores and have a reputation as being utterly crap with distributors and after sales as being a bit like sending your 8 year old round to see Mr and Mrs Grizzly bear to see if they can have they're ball back.

Makita are just there,they don't seem to disappoint too much but neither do they set the world on fire with exuberance.

And Bosch as far as Europe is concerned just seem to be a big blue giant of a company who do what they want when they want and you either like it or lump it.

In short sites like this that allow us all to read and chat and tell each other our experiences allow everyone to make informed choices on what REALLY does the job and what is all promotion and no motion. :)

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Buying tools in the US comes with it's own set of headaches. You can go to a big box and buy a jig saw, but if you're looking for a specific jig saw you're ordering it online or you're not getting it. With the exception of Dewalt most stores stock an awkward mix of tools. If you needed 5 tools I'd be willing to bet you'd have to buy 3 different brands in some cases. Many times if you need a certain tool and it can't wait. You're getting a yellow tool or you aren't getting one at all. I'd love to see a dedicated power tool store that stocked full lines of Milwaukee, Makita, and Bosch, but in my area that's just a pipe dream.

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