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Hitachi miter saw problem


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I see the problem though. There's no blade in there so you won't be able to cut much of anything ? Seriously though it looks like he clamped down the saw to that table hard with an impact driver through those holes in the saw's base? You look like you've fixed it pretty well, maybe about as much as could be expected because you never really want to do more than snug up a miter with its  base. Racheting down the base to the point of warpage kinda defeats the purpose of having a nice flat miter work surface. You could apply some heat to maybe get the metal base more level and true but I have a feeling that it's like bending a long aluminum level and you're never gonna get it perfect again...

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You can see alot of people build a stand similar to your father-in-laws with out the support.

I've never heard of this happening. Wonder why it would happen to this brand of saw?

I suspect just tightening down too much on the screws really. The side tables are made of different thicknesses of wood and shimmed up but that made the top all wavy. I don't know what we was thinking lol

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It looks like spax star drive construction screws, or similar, were used to secure the saw down to table top. Did he go hog wild with an impact driver? I'm pretty sure most higher end saws would still warp or even break if you used even a mid level impact driver to secure the screws down. People underestimate how powerful impact drivers are; heck they can shear bolts/screws off very easy. Warping a saw base would be easy with ~1500inlbs impact driver.

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