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Klein VDV512-058 Coax Explorer Plus Tester


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A couple months back I got drafted into helping a relative sort out the mess of TV cable in the house she had just bought. The house was built in 1974 and there was enough cable to span the Atlantic. It was run to the wall outlets, through the floors, and pretty much everywhere else. These days TV service providers want to run their own cable but they don't want to get in the attic or the crawl space to do it. She wanted to utilize the wall cable outlets so the massive bundle of cable ends in the attic had to be sorted out. On my trip to HD for supplies I spotted the Klein VDV512-058 Coax Explorer Plus Tester and not being one to pass up a good excuse to buy a new tool, I dropped it in my cart and checked out with a smile because $24.99 wasn't going to make or break me. The kit came with the tester module and 4 color coded remotes. After screwing a remote into each room's wall outlet I ascended into the sweltering, pink, jungle, of Owens-Corning insulation and got down to business. Operating the tester was as simple as it could possibly be. I simply screwed the tester module into a strand of cable, hit the test button, and an LED lit up beside the colored dot that corresponded with the remote on the other end, simple as that. It saved me at least an hour and a half in a 100+ degree attic which made it worth every penny in my book. This is a very handy little tool and I would recommend it to anyone but I do wish it came with 6 remotes instead of 4. This is a single purpose tester and pro users may want to consider the additional features, multi-purpose testing capabilities, and the 19 remotes offered with the Klein VDV501-814 VDV Scout Pro LT Tester Kit which also reads cable length which is awesome, but for it's purpose the VDV512-058 is awesome!

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