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New from Kansas City


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Hey. Frequent visitor that finally decided to make an account. 


I'm in the process of renovating my kitchen primarily by myself but with the help of a few family members when I need them. My projects include:


-painting 1980's golden oak kitchen cabinets white

-installing new hidden hinges, knobs and pulls

-painting several areas with vaulted ceilings

-installing new fixed track lighting to replace 1980s track lighting 

-installing a new ceiling fan

-white washing a brick fireplace

-installing new hardwoods (not starter yet)

-new backsplash after we get some new countertops


As part of these projects I've started to accumulate some new tools since I didn't really have anything of value. That brought me to this site to read reviews. I've invested in Dewalts 20v line. I've been very happy. So far I have purchased a drill, oscillating tool and random orbital sander. I also have two Dewalt ToughSystem cases. I've been very happy with all my purchases. 


I enjoy reading this site for reviews but also to get deals on Dewalt since that stuff isn't cheap.  I'm your stereotypical CPA who is frugal (hence all my DIY projects too). Next up is buying an angle grinder, reciprocating saw and circular saw...on sale

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Well my friend you've come to the right place, welcome, we are so frugal we spend all our hard earned money on so many cheap tools we got nothing left, me and @glassey are currently on our way to living in a van down by the river! All kidding aside a lot of knowledge here, check on our deals section too!


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