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Milwaukee m18 fuel 1/2 impact faulty


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Hey guys. Sorry first time posting on here. I have a Milwaukee m18 fuel 1/2 drive impact gun. Year and a half old and it's gone faulty :(. Totally forgot to register it online for the extended warranty so need to try repair it.

gun won't work atall even with different batteries. When the trigger is pulled the led work light in the front flashes three times then pauses then flashes three times and so on. Is this a flash code and does anyone ever heard of this???

cheers and thank you

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Welcome, sorry to hear about that, and bremon is right.
Here's a little post about that further:
I have had the best experience going online to their eservice website and filling out the form, they pay for shipping both ways.

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I would contact Milwaukee first and ask, I'm not sure how much the repair would cost but it's worth a look. The unit is shutting down in protection so the majority of the unit probably works.


If you have to pull it apart I'd look at the logic board, you'd want to look for any signs of excessive heat. The problem is that I'm assuming they insulated the board from debris so it will likely be covered in goo and you won't be able to see anything. You should be able to see if the motor turns by applying A/C to the motor leads, but you'd really only want to do it with a variac...so assuming you don't have one (because most people don't), you can simply spin the motor and see how it feels, if there is a lot of resistance then you know that it's a drive problem.

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5 hours ago, DR99 said:

Milwaukee only does a year warranty in the UK it looks like unless you register the tool then its extended to 3


This type of nonsense should be illegal imo. Adds a step into something that should be effortless just to save money on the people who forget. 

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Regarding light blinking 3 times and no run. i used mine in a welding shop for a couple years, went to do control arms on my truck when it happened to me. Older 2673, to old for parts :(  , so I took cover off motor, the pc board was covered in fine iron powder, got a can electric contact cleaner, 5 minutes later a Bob’s your uncle good to go.

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This is the third time my 18 V Milwaukee fuel has been in for repair light blinks three times when you pull the trigger nothing happens other than that. Is it a failed part is it a connection issue.  It’s not a matter of getting it fixed it’s a matter of taking the time to lose the gun. Well it’s getting fixed. It’s a half inch impact high torque

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