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DCS575 and DCS576


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Just received my and its a cracking pieces of kit but I couldn't work out why there is a hole in the air lock dust attachment? dust was obviously coming out of it when cutting with an extractor, I rapped electrical tape around the hole and problem sorted, but it seems I'm missing something or being stupid.


The other thing I would like to work out is if the DCS575 and the DCS576 base plates are interchangeable, it seems like it releases fairly easily although I haven't tried.



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I asked this question too, when Total Tools in Australia did their periscope of the media event. He inquired and they told him the open hole is to let clumps of sawdust fall out onto the floor/ground, and the vacuum would suck up the airborn dust, keep you from breathing it. The vacuum would then go longer between cleanings.

While I understood the explanation, i thought it was stupid, as I would want to have a vacuum hooked up to keep things clean besides the airborn ostriche particles. If I have a vacuum on, I want it captured at the source!!! I don't want to have to then clean it up off the floor!!! 

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Thank you for your replies. At least i know I'm not being stupid or have any parts missing, Its looks like I will be sticking with the electrical tape bunging the hole until it clogs up. I was only using an L class extractor on my first run, so I think I will give my M-class a run without the tape, maybe it will have a bit more pull.


Thank you again Paul


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So, I gave the M class extractor a go " DWV902m"

(with the electrical tape removed for the hole in the dust port) and there was saw dust going all over the shop. So I wrapped the hole up again with the tape and it was perfect?


Its very strange, I don't understand........

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