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Ghost Stories

Surfer (aka Nalu)

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here is a short story I wrote awhile ago it kinda fits in the ghost story category...



The air was bitterly cold, winds were picking up the morning of Feb 13th 2004; I had the radio on to listen for the forecast as I drank my morning coffee. Just as the announcer was about to say what type of weather we were in for the phone rang, half asleep it startled me so I picked up the phone quickly. It was my sister asking if I would like to help her clean an old house she was trying to sell? Without any plans I accepted and agreed to meet her at the house in about an hour.


When I pulled up the driveway of the old house I couldn’t help notice there was a rough looking fence surrounding the yard, the house as big as it was looked to be run down and well used. A large set of windows faced the driveway that definitely needed some attention. The house was previously owned by an elderly wealthy couple that was said to have three children. There was a rough looking dog house that looked like it had seen better days just outside opposite a badly stained wood deck. Once inside the empty house the echoing sounds of our voices traveled through the halls like a tunnel. I noticed the lights in the house were dim and the weather of the day was not helping. I got a list of things to do and realized this was not a job for just myself, so I called my wife to join me in the clean up. My sister was not staying and made it clear that we were not to go to the top level of the three story house. By the time my sister left out the back door the winds had picked up to more than anyone expected and it slammed the door shut with an alarming sound.


While I was waiting for my wife to show up I found myself standing in the kitchen of the old house that had cupboards all over the place, the fact that there were no furnishings made the room larger then it was. I ventured out into the hall to take a look around, the entire main level of the house had hardwood floors that were less that perfect, dry and squeaky would be the best way to describe them, each step would let out a query squeal. The dimness of the hall made it hard to see that there was a god awful wall paper partly coming unglued. Across the large kitchen was a dumb waiter door made from 3 inch thick oak, heavy and dark it easily swung in either direction, when I pushed open the musty smelling door it brought light into my eyes from the huge dining room that had three large but dirty bay windows.

I no sooner got right in the odd shaped room when I heard a noise from the next room .......I stood silent, it was like something dropped on the floor with a thud a few times. I knew no one else was in the house so I pushed the second door of the dining room open quickly to see an empty parlor room with a dark discolored fireplace. Nothing was in the room, of course my imagination started to run wild as I thought wow this is going to be interesting. My wheels started to turn as I thought hmm Friday the thirteenth; I could really get my wife.


I looked around the entire main level of the large old house; it was huge with large dark rooms with lots of doors entering into other rooms. The oak trim was thick along the top and the bottom of each wall and each entrance, from standing in the grand room there was a 6 foot wide half level staircase with a series of staggered stained glass windows that followed each step. I walked across the room and just as I lifted my foot to take the first step the back door slammed shut again….. I jumped with surprise as I remembered my sister mentioning not to go to the top level of the house. Thinking all the while yeah right like this place is haunted! As I suspected it was my wife coming in from the now blistering winds announcing that it was really getting bad out there. The first words out of my wife were god this place needs a lot of work, I agreed with her and said yeah we’ll be here for a few days may as well get comfortable.


Of course our curiosity got us going standing in the 200 year old house thinking and wondering who must have lived here over the years. I myself wanted to go upstairs to see why my sister didn’t want us up there, I asked my wife and she agreed we take a quick look and then come back down and start cleaning. We made our way across the squeaky floor and began climbing the wide old staircase, about the fourth step I looked back and didn’t see my wife, I yelled for her and wondered where she went? Just as I looked forward again she scared the crap out of me standing above me on the top stair looking down at me! Woo...that freaked me out I said, you were right behind me and then you were in front of me on the top stair………she chuckled and said there was two staircases to get up stairs and I had taken the long way. Here I thought I was going to put a Friday the thirteenth scare into her and she got me ……



Once I met her at the top stair we walked down a long but wide hallway, doors were everywhere… unlike downstairs all of these doors were closed… I grabbed the first knob and pulled the door fully open, it was a brick wall.... I stood back and yelled for my wife…."take a look at this"… she thought that was odd and quickly reached for the next door and to our surprise it too was a brick wall……….. we looked at each other and thought what is this all about?

I tried another door and another door and they all seemed to be the same……….. I looked down the hallway towards the top of the staircase and there was what looked like a dark outline of a large dog that faintly disappeared …….I reached in my pocket for my cell phone and just as I did I heard it ring, I quickly flung it open while it was ringing and the screen said NO SERVICE………we looked at each other and ran down the stairs as fast as we could. When we got to the bottom of the staircase my phone rang again I flipped it open and this time it answered. It was my sister, wondering where we were? I said right here in the middle of the grand room not wanting her to know we went upstairs, she said well where did you guys go Friday? Friday I said "what do you mean Friday?" Well she said it is Sunday! Sunday What do you mean it is Sunday…yeah its Sunday you guys were nowhere to be found all day Friday and Saturday and we all thought you were going to go out for Valentine’s dinner with us?


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Once upon a time a man bought a Metabo grinder. He got home and eagerly tore open the box only to find that some sadistic "person" (I use the term person lightly because this requires someone to harness the worst aspects of the darkest depths of humanity has to offer, making them more demon than man) had replaced the Metabo with a *gasp Milwaukee fuel grinder bare tool. Good luck sleeping you fools.


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I woke up and had coffee, went downstairs to my shop, with one flick of the switch on the wall all the LED lighting lights up the shop.......to my surprise it's all DeWalt tools ...................now that is friggin scary!

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4 hours ago, comp56 said:

I woke up and had coffee, went downstairs to my shop, with one flick of the switch on the wall all the LED lighting lights up the shop.......to my surprise it's all DeWalt tools ...................now that is friggin scary!

It's like the Grinch who stole Christmas and then replaced it with a slightly better Christmas! Yeah you're right I would be pretty scared that someone was in my shop too, even if they were just being a good Samaritan.

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