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Chuck for grinder


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2 hours ago, CATERPILLAR said:

Very cool where can u get one at ?


Order on Ebay, Amazon, or MadeinUSAForever.com.

For sale is a simple three piece machined steel collet-spindle adapter for angle grinders providing flexibility of application and work area, ergonomics in operator comfort by providing two hand operation, safety in lower operating speed, reduced cost as an additional electric or pneumatic die grinder and expensive air compressor, hoses and filter regulator are not required. Simple machined design allows for rapid change over and small size (2.125" Long) allows for easy toolbox storage.

The adapter allows the use of all 1/4 and1/8 inch die grinder tooling on all angle grinders with 5/8-11 male threaded spindles. Including wire brushes, carbide burrs, cartridge sanding rolls, rasps, buffs, "Speed-Lok" type discs of various diameters, aluminum oxide mounted points and "RotoZip" bits with a 1/8 inch adapter. (See photo for the various tooling used.) Requires only a spanner wrench and one or two 3/4 inch wrenches for installation and tool changes.

Use your DeWALT 4 1/2" cordless or 110 volt angle grinder to cut and deburr up to 1" conduit in less than 30 seconds. Uses a 4 1/2 or 5 inch cutoff blade, 1/4" mandrel, and tapered 80 grit cartridge sanding roll. Not included or add $5.00 (our cost) for a starter kit (4 1/2" blade, mandrel, and cartridge roll).

Beware of hex designs that can damage soft work pieces.

Overengineered, CNC machined, heat treated, and black oxide plated to last a lifetime. Priced less than half the cost of a quality pneumatic die grinder. Replacement nuts and collets available. Made with pride entirely in the USA. Dealer inquires welcome. Grinder, tooling, 1/8 inch adapter, and wrenches are not included. Buyer pays shipping. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT WHEN OPERATING. US PATENT No. 7,717,771


Interesting but I really can't think of why I'd personally need it. I can't think of something where I'd need this over just using my Milwaukee rotary.

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