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Random Deals at Big Box Stores


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How often do you find one-off deals at your local Home Depot, Lowe's or other big box?  Losing a Hitachi 12v Peak battery to my dog's desire to chew (he only damaged the casing) last night reminded me of my latest find.  The local Lowe's had two shopping carts in the center of the store a few weeks ago.  One was filled with various power tool bags for $5 and the other had miscellaneous chargers and batteries for $5-$20.  I ended up paying slightly over $40 for two Hitachi 12v batteries (one of which is now good only for its cells); a Hitachi 3.0 Ah 18v battery; and DeWalt 8v, Kobalt 18/20v, Hitachi 12v, and Hitachi 18v chargers.  I left a couple of Paslode batteries and a bunch of Bosch chargers.


It isn't often, but occasionally regular trips to the big boxes can pay off.  While normal clearance deals have some type of pattern or at least predictability in prices, random deals just pop up when a manager decides to finally get rid of those old accessories from a display that was replaced long ago, or when an employee suddenly finds that corner where everything was dumped and forgotten. 


In my experience, Lowe's is by far the best place to find old displays, non-stock items, and other possible deals.  For example, I got a Porter Cable 18v area light for free after noticing it on the 20v Max display.  I waited 30 minutes while an employee tried finding a number for it, offered to come back the following day, and had a manager finally give it to me for my patience.  Other deals include the PC oscillating tool kit (non-stock as it was 18v) for $70 and a Senco Duraspin for $40.  Home Depot, on the other hand, seems to be much less generous, with display tools often marked at only 10-20% below the kit price despite missing batteries, chargers, and other accessories.


Finding these deals is easy once you've learned your stores.  Sometimes they'll be mixed in with current displays or on shelves with newer versions.  Often times they'll be prominently displayed or in a clearance section.  Too often they'll be for something you either can't use or don't want to invest in.


Anyway, what have you found?  Do you make combing aisles a hobby, or just happen to luck out when you stop by the local big box once a month? 

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4 hours ago, Foneguy said:

This sounds like a @JimboS1ice area of specialty ...... he is the Home Depot King !!!!!!

Oh no, he's got nothing on @77Ford LOL

It is true about the regular visits, but man it takes a lot of time out of your day and patience..


I just happened to luck out stopping by the closest HD just out of the blue, and there sat the new M18 seachlights for $30 off each, so I made a quick phone call to my boss to see if he was interested... Long story short, i grabbed all three for $70 each

That's the best i've come across just by happenstance .. i'm not a hardcore deal hunter, just don't dedicate enough time to it

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I've never gotten incredible deals from my local HD or lowes the only time I got a great deal was when I bought a husky 30 gal air compressor that I bought for $269 and when I opened the box they put the wrong compressor in the box it turned out to be the belt driven 30 gal air compressor that they where selling for $439

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Yeah, finding a great deal at any of the big box stores takes a little luck and time spent combing through the stores while in the area. I have gotten some good deals over the years doing just that more often though I leave with nothing. Won't buy if something is not on sale. No point you can get that price anytime.

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I haven't had near the success some have had. Though the Husky toolboxes for $38 was great and the Husky silentflow compressor for $35 was pretty awesome.





Nearly all of my good deals come from Sears SYW points(though that seems to be coming to an end), Amazon, pawn shops and rarely craigslist.

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