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seeings I have a router table for other things, and 3 routers, I figured may as well slap a router in the wing. I wasn't going to but this way I can leave a short 3/4" straight bit in there if I need a dado real quick. I won't need a fence with dust collection as it will be collected from underneath. I'm working on a lift that will have a lever or dial on the end of the wing, it will have a rod with a cam at below table height, 1/4" 1/2" 3/4" it will be assisted from the plunge springs of the plunge router itself. so no cam below table, turn it once the cam will be set for 1/4" then turn it again 1/2" and one more time 3/4" if you turned it one more time it would go back to below table height again.



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1 hour ago, rrmccabe said:

So are you going to have a secondary adjustment to zero the 1/4" to 3/4" cam?  I would think it might be hard to tighten the bit into the router at the exact height.

well here is the thing, it won't be a router table to do all kinds of things with. I will be set up for this application only, straight dado's different depths. I will set bit most likely a short 1/2" shank 3/4" straight bit and once tightened down and installed adjust cam to zero it out for each height.. So set it at 1/4" increments on cam put it to 1/4" and check the height I can shave off cam to it is exactly 1?4" if cam starts high. 

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