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Ryobi Cordless Nailers


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I am just looking for some opinions on Ryobi's cordless nailers? For the $ I think it could be a decent purchase, however, I don't want to buy junk either. Any information that anyone can give me would be much appreciated.




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I have the 18ga brad nailer and I love it. Works perfectly, never fails. I haven't heard anything bad about the Airstrike stuff yet, everything I read says they're good stuff. I know I love using mine.

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I also have to give the Ryobi a thumbs up.  I will add, the amount you use it, will make a difference in longevity.  


We have a Ryobi brad nailer and narrow crown stapler.  We have been using the brad nailer exclusively for about 1 1/2 years.  The compressor doesn't even come out anymore.  There is no reason to.  The cordless brad nailer does everything we ask.  

I will admit, this is our second one.  I bought them just to see how they would work for us.  They were cheap and DeWalt doesn't have a brad nailer, yet.  The first brad nailer lasted about 6 months.  It worked great until one day and it just stopped.  It probably would have been covered under warranty, but I never even tried.  I just decided it was an experiment and moved on.  Several months later I bought a second one.  We have been using it for about a year.  On the last job, it started to smell funny.  Then it started having little fits of not nailing.  I suspect it is dying.  

I can't complain.  In my opinion, Ryobi is not made for contractor use.  It will get by, but only for a limited time.  I will say, it has definitely sold me on cordless nailers.  I'm not buying anymore with hoses.  I will upgrade to the DeWalt, when they are available, but the Ryobi gets a thumbs up from me.  


As a side note, it has adjustments for depth, but they don't seem to do anything.  It drives nails a consistent depth everytime.  Doesn't matter if it is oak or pine.  Brad is set to a good depth.  If you try to drive 2" brads in 2" of oak, don't expect them to sink.  But that goes for all nailers.  


I bought the narrow crown stapler for installing soffit.  We staple up the pieces until we can get all of the fascia installed.  We used to hand nail.  The crown stapler has worked perfect.  I wouldn't use the stapler for underlayment.  It just goes too slow.  If you had a small bathrooom, it would get you by, but it is really to slow for underlayment.  

We haven't had any problems with the tool and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


I have 2 batteries.  That is plenty to keep us going.  With either tool, the battery needs a pretty fresh charge.  If you have one light left on the battery, it's not going to work too well.  Just keep them charged.  They charge quick, so it's no big deal.

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Thanks for the replies. HD seems to have deals on these nailers all the times, so I think it is something that I am going to get. I have quite a bit of M18 stuff, but I don't really want to spend $329.00 on one nailer when I can get two of the Ryobi's for the same price. Again, thanks for the feedback.



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