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Table Saw blade recommendations for a specific task


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Hi guys,
I have a specific task that I need to accomplish on a Table Saw. The table saw has a 4HP motor and should easily accommodate a 14-16 inch blade.
The lumber to be worked on comes in at 5"x10" in varying lengths of 6-12 feet. The wood is a resinous softwood similar to Cedar.
I need to cut panels from the above mentioned stock for my vaulted false ceiling of around 3000 sq feet. I was hoping to cut 15-18 panels of 4-1/2" x 3/8" from a single piece. In total would have to rip around 50-75 (depending upon length) such pieces and that means a lot of re-sawing while ripping.
So I need to order a blade which will see me through this task. Since I will be resawing, I have the option to use a speed ripping blade which will leave an acceptable finish but goes through the 5 inch stock in 2 passes. This blade usually has a kerf more than 4mm. It results in more wasted wood but will get the work done quickly.
Other option is to go for a blade with less cut of depth ( 1-1/2 to 2") but which leaves a mirror finish. The blades of this type are available with a 2.5-3mm kerf in the 12-16 inch range.
Using such a blade will result in lot less wastage of wood and even though more time will be spent during re-sawing (ripping 1 inch in each pass), it will save me time not having to joint/plane/sand the panels.
Which option makes more sense for me in this scenario and do you guys have a preferable saw blade that you recommend in both categories.

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