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Flexvolt tablesaw blade


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Regular blade. Stock blade goes for Freud Industrial prices here. Much better off with Freud Ind. or Diablo. 

Yea dewalt blades aren't the best, the FV blades are better than most stock blades, makita makes a decent blade too

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Diablo are thin kerf. Freud Industrial makes many options for thin kerf. Eventually you're just splitting hairs. You can get quality without overpaying for an unproven blade. Someone else can test how thin a blade can be before deflection becomes an issue, I'll stick with what I know, which is use stock blades til they're shot and then put Freud/Diablo on. 


8" / 8.25" kerf/plate


flexvolt 24 tooth .071/.049

diablo 24 tooth .094/unlisted

freud 22 tooth thin kerf rip .087/.063

Freud 24t heavy duty rip .126/.087


I think we can agree that FlexVolt has went beyond thin kerf and is more of a paper kerf lol. Teeth that small on plates that small? Sounds fragile to me. 


Potential extra blade diameter on the FlexVolt blade is nice. Circular saw and mitre saw options I'd stick with existing solutions though I don't dislike my DCS575 and DHS790 stock blades. 

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I hear ya, @Bremon...battery life goes down with thicker blades though,,,I know through testing ...and I know you disagree,(  i respect that) which is fine if you work alone or with one guy,,,,but with a huge crew ,guys can't be walking to the charger changing out batteries,..every trip is money wasted... but I will say the crew love the flex circ and not having cords.......if I was on a demo job I'd change to that demo demon......

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Teeth that break on blades that cost too much is wasted money. The 2.0/6.0 are a joke to get to market sooner. The 3.0/9.0 are the real deal. Get everyone on that and the guys can grab batteries at lunch and call it good. Diablo tracking point framers can be had for half the price of FlexVolt circ blades. I could argue until I'm blue in the face about the cost of a guy walking to a charger marginally sooner when you're spending more money on blades that are in the trash sooner.

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