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Shipping companies are brutal


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Tile saw showed up the other day looking like it had taken a hard hit, so I took some pictures as I unboxed it...






Any of the smaller items in the box were definitely not in their original starting locations, with a couple of them even having slipped out of the plastic coverings. The allen wrench was caught up in the exterior plastic wrapping on the box. Haven't figured that one out. Fortunately, there seems to be no damage to the saw itself, but I will be paying extra attention when I start assembling it.


I have to wonder at how hard of a hit, or how many hits, that box had to take  to fracture all of the internal packing.

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It wouldn't surprise me if the damage is due to a careless forklift operator.  When I worked for Great Dane Trailers we'd often get trailers that needed patching with the roofs torn from an operator raising the forks too high, or the sides bulging out due to someone speeding in with a misaligned pallet.  As a forklift mechanic a few years later, I was surprised at how much damage was caused both to products and the trucks themselves.  Your saw might have been dropped or fallen out of a delivery truck, or it might have been stacked on the end on a pallet and had a fork truck hit it just hard enough.

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Yeah, that would make sense. Had one knucklehead racing the fork around the wharehouse section of a shop I worked at, a long time ago, and snapped the steering link in half. They had to hand carry every sheet of material for a couple of days waiting for it to get fixed.

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One of the extra things I do is warranty replacement TVs. The current one I'm waiting to replace is a replacement of a replacement I already did. The original replacement had the double box barely taped together, half of the packing spacers were missing, the others were just thrown in and forced into place. Sure enough, even inside the main box, the TV was scratched up. No idea how they managed to do that.

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