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Indestructible Dewalt Planer


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A few weeks ago Readers may have remembered we found some submerged Dewalt tools in a flooded property which had been left for several months and possibly up to 3 years on a job.

These were going to be thrown away,so just for fun I have had a go at drying them out and seeing what it took to get them going again.

The old 14.4v  drill we found still has a chuck that is solidly clamped around a bit holder and will not undo, and the batteries which although they were above the water line are nicad so are also nackerd really so that ends that part of the story.

But here is the astonishing part. The 110v site voltage planer was solid and nothing moved on it at all,it looked like an impossible task to get it running again but being a big daft building type and also a Brit ( we never give up lol) I blasted it in every place for a week in WD40 and slowly bits started to move and over the days it got looser and looser until now I have been able to pull the case off and oil all the bits.

Tomorrow is D day for this planer as I will be plugging it into the power and firing it up.

If as I think it will, this tool bursts into life and gets used on a job, I will be amazed but also Very Very impressed.

I will post tomorrow after work and let you folks know how it goes.    :)

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No Pal but I will take some before I do the final clean up as you will see the water staining and surface corrosion on the base e.t.c.


I must admit too that there was a lot of oil about and my hands were full so forgot to take some earlier but will also photograph the guide e.t.c and the rusted metal Dewalt tool box this may also yet be saved  :)

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I plugged the 110v drill into the site transformer I have and I am so amazed it burst into life a bit noisy but having said that planers are noisy little things.

But big respect to Dewalt because this has to be number one in the Tools in action Captain Scarlet awards.

( Captain scarlet was a children's program in the U.K. )   :)

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