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M12. Band saw

Framer joe

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2 hours ago, Framer joe said:

I thought about a metal saw but I don’t know how clean the cut is .....

Metal circular saws will cut every bit as clean as a band saw and much faster.  They do have a bit of a learning curve as far as accuracy on something that small but no more than a regular circular saw you're familiar with.

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7 hours ago, Framer joe said:

@Stercorarius..thanks , appreciate it,,we cut 5/8 to an 1 1/4” threaded rod and I think that cutter stops at 5/8” . ..I think....and the band saw  will probably come in handy doing something else....I thought about a metal saw but I don’t know how clean the cut is .....

Yeah probably best to go with the band saw then. I have a portable Metabo bandsaw that's a mid size that was a dream for stuff like that when I still had the batteries for it. It was brushed as well so the m12 will probably be perfect.

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I picked up the M12 bandsaw nearly 4 years ago now, for around the home project purposes.  It took me a while to get around to using it much, but I love it every time I use it.  I've used it for cutting down 3/8" bolts, EMT conduit, 14ga 1" steel tube for projects, aluminum angle...anything that'll fit in it.  I even cut a 1" square cold rolled steel bar for one project.  It took a while, but eventually made it through.  I just wish it was a little bigger, because you can't quite fit 1.5" ID aluminum tube inside.  It was sized to fit unistrut though, so like trying to haul drywall in a Civic, I can't really complain when it wasn't designed for that job.

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