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Thanksgiving Plans


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (including those of you from outside the U.S.)!


So, what are everyone's plans?  I'm staying home this weekend and will spend today doing some much needed cleaning and organizing.  My tiny loft apartment is full of so much stuff that I haven't seen some corners for months.  I plan to finally unpack the FV miter saw and use the box it came in and some other boxes to start preliminary packing for the move next year.  Once I get my tools consolidated, I'll try to figure out a workaround to post some pics (the site and/or my phone don't like direct uploads).  Later today I have a turkey breast to cook for the dog and me, as well as a green bean casserole to make, and some Cheddar Bay biscuit mix to try out.


The rest of this weekend will be spent working on discussion and a paper for my antepenultimate undergraduate class, Ethics and Discretion in CRJ; researching and building a PowerPoint presentation on the Battle of Khe Sanh for the professional development course I'm currently attending; and honing a couple of other writing projects.  I'm also planning to tinker around with the cull lumber I recently purchased-just have to clean first so I can move my tools in and out more easily.


I will be a little busy, but a clean and organized apartment will be worth it, as will getting one step closer to my degree and to promotion (with a $500+ monthly pay raise).  


Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone stays both safe and engaged in whatever gives them joy this weekend! 

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2 hours ago, regopit said:

I'm here in Ocean City Maryland looking for a new home that we will be moving too permanently within a year or so.  WIN_20171124_08_55_20_Pro.thumb.jpg.834a3d76c547bf14afc136442b889a84.jpg


I was born on the Eastern Shore, and my dad lived in southern Delaware since I was a kid, so Ocean City's boardwalk was a regular day trip during summers.  My dad always preferred taking us to Assateague if we wanted to go to the beach, though.  I last stopped in O.C. after his funeral; it's changed a bit since the 80s but is still a decent destination.  The caramel popcorn and boardwalk fries have always been outstanding!

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