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Which ah batteries


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I'm getting into the makita line for a few things.  I've picked up a couple of bare tools on clearance.  


I plan to have a Makita impact, grinder, trim router, etc.  


I am a professional but don't use my battery tools all day long. For example, my 10yo dewalt impact will go a couple days on the small non lithium batteries.  If I can get that performance, I'll be thrilled.  


Thanks in advance


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Grab a two pack of the compact 2.0s and then a two pack of the 5.0s.  I run the 2.0s as often as I can on the tools that I can, I just appreciate the size and weight of them.

But there are tools and times that I need the longer run time of a full size pack.  There are 6.0s out there but they are much harder to come by then the 5.0s... still!

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5.0s are often cheaper even than the 4.0s. I wouldn’t kick extra into 6Ah especially with everyone expecting Makita to release more powerful batteries in the near future.


3.0s can often also be pretty inexpensive, cheaper even than the 2.0 compacts. The extra size/weight of the 3.0s aren’t a bother to me so I’m fine having that on my impact drivers and drills. For some jobs though perhaps the slimness of the 2.0s may make a big difference.

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