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Problem with depth drive on hitachi cordless framing nail gun


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Hey guy, first post for me and hoping to get some helpful feedback.

i recently purchased a hitachi cordless framing nail gun (NR1890DC) and am having problems with it not driving the nails deep enough.

im in construction but mainly using this for my own projects - I first used it to put down subfloor after replacing rotted joists and it worked fine besides a few times it wouldn’t drive the nails deep enough after a lot of use but usually the adjustment would take care of that.

i am now replacing fence boards and using 2” (I think, maybe 2 1/2) and every single nail is only going in about an inch.  After I shoot a nail, it makes a weird sound, almost like a clicking sound after the cylinder cycles.

Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if some of the terminology is off or my explanation is unclear but just let me know if I can better explain it.

Thanks in Advance!


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Same thing is happening to mine. Not sinking nails much more than halfway (using 3'' nails), and a clicking noise which follows. 

Sent in to hitachi for repair, received it back a few weeks later and there was no difference, same problem occurred. 

They claimed that they "recharged air cylinder" and "adjusted nail depth". I believe they did those things, but unfortunately it did not solve my problem. I made the (terrible) judgment call not to get a warranty when I purchased this tool, so I am in a pickle not knowing how to have this tool repaired. At this point I would gladly pay a repair fee if I new the tool could be fixed.

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This gun is garbage. I had 4 and threw them in the trash. The pressure problem continued to persist after numerous visits to the service center. The issue is in a leaking pressurized chamber inside that empties after 2 weeks of continuous use. Eventually the service guy started blaming it on me and said he will not recharge to chamber anymore. I threw the guns at him and left.


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