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New 9ah batteries


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DeWalt switched from 20700 battery cells to 21700 battery cells now that they are more readily available.

The 9.0ah now uses the latest battery cells, just like the 12.0ah. This is a good thing. It is a rolling change that began happening in quarter 2 of this year.

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[mention=51398]The.Handyman[/mention] will/do kits sold before the new battery came out start shipping with the new battery?
Yes, everything is getting transitioned over to this 21700 cell 9.0ah battery.

My FlexVolt cutoff saw came with the 21700 cell 9.0ah batteries.

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The newer 9.0s are reasonably heavier than the older 9.0s...  I just got one of mine replaced under warranty and received the new type. Old one weighing in at 1292 grams... New one 1458 grams.


Just ran them thru the mower..Old one dropped a level on the power gauge quicker but new one lost all 3 bars of power 1st. Was it's 1st use tho,  so might need to run it in more before it reaches max capacity.

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