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Which is the best commercial weed eater right now

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If you're going gas commercial you could try Echo, Makita, Husqvarna. If you are going battery commercial (yes that is a thing now) you could wait for Ego's commercial line to arrive in the states. The 29 amp hour backpack battery will give you good runtime too.

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As a lawn contractor I have tried stihl, shindawia, Tanaka, and echo( not the ones home Depot sell). The best ones I have found and have used for years are Redmax. 

I currently have 3 whips, 2 edgers, 1 multi tool, 2 backpack blowers, and a hedge trimmer. The way that the engines are made creates more power in my opinion. They are balanced prefect for me. Last summer I tried the Dewalt 20v for the hell of it. I could not stand it. The balance was way off, it was too top heavy. Meaning the trimmer head wanted to come up as I was using it. 

Husqvarna owns Redmax. They have also rebranded some redmax whips as Husqvarna. 

No matter what brand you chose buy the one that is right for you. If you dealer allows you to try them out in their yard do so. Take your time and don't rush into buying one just because you need one. You could also try looking on Craigslist for a used one at some savings though you won't have any warranty. Or look for anew older model at your dealer that they want to get rid of cheap.

Best of luck

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Stihl & Redmax are tough to beat.  One thing to look for IMO is "CC" or engine size.  You got to have enough "cc" in order to have sufficient power.  I like the most power I can physically handle.  For me its a minimum of 29cc engine size.  I won't go any smaller than that, or you cant cut thick tough weeds/grass efficiently.  


Get a Stihl FS 111RX, great power to weight ratio (31cc engine, 10lbs.)  


Or a Redmax BCZ3060TS (29.5cc/12lbs)  


Either one of these units will flat out get the job done, and last a long time.   

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On 3/1/2019 at 9:11 AM, Alfredapowell said:

I am looking to buy the best commercial weed eater on the market. My first choice is stihl redmax and shindaiwa. currently I am using the stihl 85 extreme. It is a descent one just lacks the power i am looking for new one. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Hello, Alfredapowell. You can see this product for the purpose! 


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