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Recommendation of Security Cameras for Exterior of House


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Anyone recommend a brand/model of wireless exterior security camera? Has wireless been consistent? Did you still have to run power to camera? How do you store footage? Thanks!


And if we speak about cameras I have one more question, maybe somebody can give me good advice. Which underwater camara is the best to use for ice fishing? 

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Welcome to the forum.


 The camera requires power.


The Nest cameras use wired power and secure Wi-Fi data exchange. They are a nice solution.


 The Nest cameras require an annual data subscription to be useful, $50/yr for first camera, less for additional cameras.


 The other solutions to avoid data charges is to add a local data logger w/ hard drive  to capture the A/V data for later usage.


THE MOST OVERLOOKED aspects are camera placement, illumination, zoom, solar effects and maintenance. A useful face image is frequently very important. Do a temporary placement to check the image over 24 hours. It is also useful to examine over 365 days to check effect of solar inclination. Lenses get dirty and should be kept clean.

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I heard many good feedbacks about Nest. There are both wireless and wired models. My neighbor has Nest  Nest Cam Battery for about $180 and it works off of batteries, so there is no need of wire. He also has Alder inside cameras. Do not know how exactly they work, but he's satisfied as far as I know.

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