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Another bad battery


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I have had 2 20volt batteries go bad. Now my second flexvolt battery went. I bought 10 Dewalt batteries and 4 have now crapped out. The first three under warranty the latest  is 2016. I Will call Dewalt tomorrow and beg. I have 26 5 amp Makita batteries and only one has gone bad under warranty and none after. Dewalt is just not as reliable in my ACTUAL experience. I am bummed because I like some of dewalts offerings like the flexvolt compressor and power station, but the batteries just do not hold up. Furthermore all my hand tools, hammer drills, impacts, skil saws, and sawzalls are makitas and I beat those tools relative to the Dewalt tools which are the compressor, power station, metal nibler and other light use tools 

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I don't have a long history with Dewalt batteries and what your experiencing must be very frustrating. I can say that I have a 4ah and a 5ah (18650) and the 4ah seems to give me a longer run time then the 5ah, being used on the same tools.

Are your batteries being used in extreme conditions?  

I believe from time to time all the tool company's receive a bad batch of batteries and no customer should have to beg under warranty. 

I own a bunch of Milwaukee batteries; (3) 2ah, (8) 5ah, (6) 9ah and (6) 12ah all 18v and only (1) 9ah went bad at 2 yrs 6 months, but I didn't bring it to my Milwaukee service center till 2 yrs 10 months, however the gentleman behind the counter did test it and did hand me a new one, no pro rating and no questions asked (I did have my receipt). Having said that I recently looked up the reviews on Milwaukee's site and the 9ah's are getting terrible reviews, guys complaining about run time or charging problems, but the ones complaining are from recent purchases, like in the last 10 months, must be a bad batch, it happens.


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