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Do I need a random orbital sander and a finish sander?


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So, Im looking into getting into a bit of woodworking by starting off with making some bar stools.  My wife recently got a craft table that she sanded down and repainted with a Ryobi One+ 5" random orbital sander that she bought.  The Ryobi works great for what she needed it to do but I find myself looking at finish/sheet sanders.

We also live in a 100 year old house with wall to wall wood floors, so I may one day need to sand into square corners if we need to refinish the floor.  Also, I feel like the smaller finish sander may work better than the Ryobi for doing wood furniture.

So, my question is, am I crazy to want to buy a finish sander when we already have a random orbital.  Part of me feels like Im just trying to give myself an excuse to buy yet another Milwaukee power tool but I also feel like the finish sander would be handy because it can do things that the Ryobi cant.  Not to mention Im looking at the Milwaukee 1/4 sheet, which is only like $50 anyways.


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Not $50, but my Festool Rotax RO150FEQ is an amazing tool, easy to toggle between rough and fine finishing,


Mine has been operated for endless continuous operation and still looks and performs like new.


The vacuum sanding is a clean operation, but even more important, it keeps the sandpaper cool and clog free, with each disc lasting very, very long.

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If you are really getting into woodworking, you can use both.  The Festool Rotax is an amazing sander.  For me, I love woodworking.  I have a Dewalt orbital sander (DWE6423) that I love.  I have found the Dewalt does everything I need for my projects.  If I am staining, I just finish with a really fine sand paper and it has looked great.  I do know people who swear by finish sanders, but I have been fine.  I do like the finish sander because of getting in corners which my Dewalt won't do.  If I have to get into a corner, i break out my oscillating tool for tight areas but it's hard to find a good fine sandpaper for the oscillating tool.  The way I look at it, if you are going to get into woodworking as a hobby or job, have the right tools for the job so you can make it fun.  There is nothing more annoying then trying to get the job done with the wrong tool.  If you are only doing a project once a year, the money might be better spend somewhere else.  That's just my two cents.

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Thanks for the input.  I think that Im going to pick up the Milwaukee 1/4 sheet sander tomorrow.  I find my wife's Ryobi to be kind of big and clunky and I like having something a bit smaller and that can sand into square corners with.

I kind of wish they made an M12 version but corded isnt a bad thing, especially when its always going to get used either in my garage or near an outlet anways and corded tools last forever.

Not to mention, I certainly dont hate the idea of adding another Milwaukee tool to the tool box.  Thanks again.

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