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wingless’ Porter Cable PCXB620DP 10 Inch Bench Drill Press


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There has never been a drill press included in my personal arsenal. One of my current projects is to install and configure a 8’x12’ Lark end gable Accusteel Lumberjack box eave shed to be my workshop. The construction on this shed is amazing and is very secure. It will have no problem resisting the hurricane force winds that can hit southern Florida. It is secured into the Earth w/ auger screws and bolts.


My workshop shed will be setup for my personal projects. To that end this used Porter Cable PCXB620DP 10 inch bench drill press was purchased used for the projects that will benefit from a drill press instead of a hand drill.


This tool has lots of great features: 5” overhang (for drilling in the center of 10" diameter pieces) on ½” keyed chuck spindle; five belt/pulley-selected speeds, from 610 rpm to 2800 rpm; two AA battery powered LED work light; hand crank cast iron work table w/ ±45° tilt; 2” chuck travel w/ adjustable stop with spring return; integrated chuck key holder and 3.2A / 0.4hp 120VAC motor. The cast iron work table measures 6½" wide by 7½" deep and extends 8½" away from the upright column. The table may rotate 360° around the upright column.


One thing I wanted to add is a small drill press vise w/ appropriate attachment bolts for safe / secure / appropriate work piece retention. The seller threw in a smooth jaw vise and I had a serrated jaw vise.


I purchased a pair of ½-13 x 1-3/4" Grade 8 flange bolts and these waaay cool 4” forged iron lever wing nuts for retaining the vise to the table (too bad the entire batch of those lever nuts has sold out, but VERY glad I got a pair first). The forging tooling line on these lever nuts was filed away, the exterior surface sanded smooth and the exterior was painted w/ Rustoleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint. This setup permits quick / easy / secure vise placement.


The drill press base has a pair of 3/8" diameter holes for bolting to the work surface. This permits secure operation, then storage until the next usage is required.


All of these features make this tool ideally suited to my applications.

































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