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Bettery Battery?


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I have a Milwaukee Heavy Duty 3/8" Cordless Hammer Drill Model 0420-1, .  It's a fantastic drill/driver.  The only down side is the horrible battery life.  I have two of the Supertough 2 2.0 Amp hour batteries 48-11-0250 that give me only minutes of battery life.  If I get four-six screws into wood or a few holes drilled in metal or wood from each battery I'm lucky.  Are there other options for batteries for this unit?

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You can get new batteries to help with the lack of charge, but the most economical route would be to look at getting a new drill you can get a M12 Hammer Drill and Impact driver for 139 bucks. Your looking at 40 bucks a piece or more on replacement batteries its probably going to be 100 bucks just to replace the packs on an older drill, so your only 50 dollars from getting 2 new tools and 2 brand new batteries. Lithium batteries are so much better than the nicad's your using now. http://www.cpomilwaukee.com/factory-reconditioned-milwaukee-2497-82-m12-12v-cordless-lithium-ion-3-8-in--hammer-drill-and-impact-driver-combo-kit/milr2497-82,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=milwaukee-reconditioned-combo-kits and 159 for the 18 volt set. http://www.cpomilwaukee.com/factory-reconditioned-milwaukee-2691-82-m18-18v-cordless-lithium-ion-1-2-in--drill-driver-and-impact-driver-high-performance-combo-kit/milr2691-82,default,pd.html?start=4&cgid=milwaukee-combo-kits-outlet They might even have some better prices over black friday

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I have to agree that now would be a great time to upgrade to the M Series. That first kit hurts a little, but from there you can go the bare tool route. If you decide to stick with your old drill they do still sell the batteries for them, but as others have said, you'll be much happier with Lithium in the long run.

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