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Newbie here - is my hammer drill broken?


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I've bought my first power tool - a Bosch 18V cordless drill with hammer function. I bought the extra masonry attachments so I can hang a sign on my solid exterior house wall. But I've just tried using it on the hammer function setting, and it didn't actually penetrate the render/solid block. It just spun forever -barely making a dent.


I watched a million youtube videos and even tried making a pilot hole first. I tried gently guiding it, I tried pushing in with all my strength. No joy. It didn't feel like it was actually 'hammering' at all, but I've never actually used power tools before so I don't know if it's broken or if I'm just a bit dim.


Any help?

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Welcome to the forum.


It is good to provide enough info so others may be effective providing assistance. In this case a model number for the tool would be very useful. What is the tool model number?


As a guess, here is the Bosch 18V GSB18V-975CN Hammer Drill. That tool has a drill / hammer selector at the top. Is that selector in the correct position?


The tool will spin until pushed into the material, then will also hammer.



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