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DCMWSP255Y2 Mower First Use


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Well, this is the largest battery tool I own now. A dual 60v/12AH self propelled walk behind lawn mower. 


I don't have a huge yard, just normal .5 acre. I don't have the best grass, have rocks and have weeds. Work in progress.


My old gas mower is on its last (and only) cylinder. I've replaced the carburetor and ignition and it just has zero comprehension. It'll die on a single Bermuda blade.


New mower time.


My entire battery tool inventory is based on the DeWalt ecosystem. This was a natural search. This model comes with the dual 60v/12ah Flexvolt  batteries.


It normally takes me about 20min to cut my grass. This tackled it perfectly on 5. Dang quiet too!


Not much else. It's a new model and it works. Time will tell.


Now, to play with my old blower and these 12ah batteries! 🤣






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Same!... as to the largest battery tool of the Dewalt line that I own.  I picked one up over the weekend.  I was nervous as there are soo many bad reviews about Dewalt's mower line.  I am pleased with it, I do have a small lawn but it was able to get through some wet tall grass without issues.  The girl friend was pleased that she can be outside without having to deal with gas fumes, oil smells and a loud mower.  A big plus right there.


When Dewalt came out with the original mower with the 5ah batteries, was not a smart move.  Not enough power.  The 10ah ones seem better but like a lot of people said, those batteries get hot.   I'm hoping these 12ah flexvolt, best of battery line, are up to the challenge.  The biggest down fall I've heard about these mowers are if the blade gets a bent in it, the motor senses the imbalance and causes it to shutdown right away.  I'll probably pick up another blade just for that reason.


Congrats on the new tool! have fun with the 12ah battery and blower, don't blow away! 😆

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The DeWalt mower seems decent.  I almost made an impulse buy last year, but I have the EGO and really need a rider or ZTR for my lawn later this year.  I agree about the 5Ah batteries that were initially included.  I heard a lot of negative things about it back then.  


When shopping for a mower a few years back I was tempted by the DeWalt 40v Max, but wanted the 20v version.  I picked up that EGO, though, instead.  I'm really glad I didn't get the 40v mower, as DeWalt discontinued that line only a few months later.

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