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20v Battery Issue


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I have a 20v battery that won't charge.  I watched several youtube videos over the weekend to troubleshoot but there were always some differences between my battery and everyone elses.


My battery never goes completely dead.   It has one bar on it.  When I put it on the charger, it flashes (charges) for maybe 30 seconds, then the charger goes solid, as if the battery if fully charged.  When I remove the battery, it briefly shows a full charge, then quickly goes to 2 bars, and then subsequently to one bar.  All without use.   


I checked the date code on the battery and it is past the warranty date, so I can't get it serviced/replaced.   Any ideas on how to fix?

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It most likely has a bad cell in it. You might get it going again if it were taken apart and the pack was balance charged, but that's a 50/50 shot at best and flat out dangerous if you're not familiar with messing around with lithium batteries.

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