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Ego Announces 9 New Commercial Tools and 2 New Chargers.


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Ego just announced 9 new tools and two chargers catered to the commercial market as well. The tools do not use the commercial battery but instead use the regular batteries that the homeowner grade tools use. Most of the tools announced include similar motors and triggers and have carbon fiber shafts. A big selling point Ego talked about was they wanted he user to be able to service their tools easier and be able to to some maintenance themselves. They talked about some feature to easily swap out the trigger electronics but I don't know or recall much else. The tools announced were 3 pole hedge trimmers. a short fixed, long fixed, and articulating. There is an 800 cfm 190 mph dual battery backpack blower. There was a dedicated pole saw with cutline feature. I think it is just a light near the chain. I think it also includes a feature to extend the length of the pole but I could be wrong. There were two edgers. a straight shaft and a curved shaft. the curved shaft was the only new commercial tool shown that did not have a carbon fiber shaft. There was a brush cutter with bicycle handles and a 17in string trimmer with a redesigned head that might have a "speed feed" like feature. Ego did not talk about the new head unless I missed it. I am not sure if the brush cutter can use the string trimmer head or if the sting trimmer can use the brush cutter head. There were two new chargers announced. One charger was a 3 bay that accepted daisy chaining. They mentioned up to 96 batteries can charge on a single 110v circuit. The second charger is a 2 bay charger but it is a cordless charger. It has a third bay that accepts a brand new battery that Ego did not talk much about. The new battery is designed to charge the regular batteries when off the grid. The new battery appeared to be the width of two regular batteries and maybe the depth of a 10 ah. I do not have pricing on any of the products but I saw pricing on the backpack blower. $399 bare, $699 with 2x 5ah kit and $1200 for a 2x 10ah kit.

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I was thinking about Ego tools today. (lawn season for the midwest is only a few weeks away) Anyone have any word on a release date for the updated Ego commercial line? Ego said 2023 but was no more specific than that. I am interested to try out the new charging system and the 17 inch string trimmer. I currently use a few of the regular chargers and one commercial series charger. I have a small charging station I built that I cable managed a year or 2 ago but to have essentially one cable for every battery would be super nice and the abilioty to throw any amount of batteries on chargers without having to think about tripping the breaker would also be nice. I would probably start with 2 chargers then get another one or 2 as I see fit.

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