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New (To Me) Mower


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Made an impulse buy: a Bad Boy Mz Magnum ZTR mower.  Less than a year old, maybe ten hours of run time, and I needed something a bit more efficient than my EGO push mower, so here I am.


This isn't a commercial grade mower, but seems much better than many of the Big Box ZTRs.  Tractor Supply sells this mower for $4300-$4700 or so, and I got it for $3k, so I feel like it was a bargain.  I'm already looking at some accessories for it, but won't get a chance to mow until my next day off.  


For now I plan to keep the EGO equipment.  The mower is perfect for the dogs' fenced incarea, the string trimmer has all the power and performance I need, and the backpack blower works well enough for my needs.  


Has anyone here had positive, or negative, experiences with Bad Boy mowers?  My neighbor swears by his ZTR.  He uses it a fair amount but nowhere near the use most ZTRs get, with slightly over 600 hours in 12 years.  

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6 hours ago, Eric - TIA said:

No, I didn't have any experience with them.  I am pretty sure I saw them at GIE but there are so many mowers, I get confused if it was them or someone else.


My neighbor swears by them.  He bought his commercial grade Bad Boy ZT in 2010 or so; after a bunch of research he decided on that brand and found his mower for $3k.  An acquaintance of his needed to sell the one I now own, so he paid half, I pay the other half on the 1st, and I pay him back the $1500.  He even brought it home.  Can't beat an outstanding neighbor/friend!


I'm already looking at some accessories, but need to give it a good cleaning and get it adjusted to fit me.


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