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I Need Your Help Regarding Modular Tool Storage

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I am needing some help finding some information regarding modular tool storage. I am looking to acquire every depth and width measurement of every full width and half width box from every modular system, but the issue I am having is in my research I am either getting conflicting information or dimensions that don't make sense. The heights are not needed. I am hoping that for those with these systems or stores nearby with them I can get accurate dimensions. I currently have Systainer  T-LOC, SYS3 M, Tough System 1.0, and one single Tough System 2.0 small box in my possession but I do not have other brands. The maximum width you find and maximum depth you find is probably sufficient and the specific box those measurements came from. As I live in a small town access to measure the boxes in a store myself is limited.


In another post I mentioned designing a miter station centered around fitting modular storage in the base cabinets. I am hoping to have a standardized set of cabinet widths that can accommodate multiple brands of boxes. I just have to figure out how detailed I go. I think 3 different widths of cabinets would be ideal but at the same time there is so much variation in sizes that having 2 more widths could be nice. I want to be as space efficient as possible but at the same time if I go a bit wider on each width I might be able to accommodate more brands. For example, let us say the widest 22 ish inch width brand is 23 inches and the smallest is 20 inches. Having 3 inches of wasted space across 6 cabinets is a not that far away from having a 7th cabinet. Not saying I would build that many but saying it as a hypothetical example. Another idea I am toying with is having two packages. The first is Festool package that has 4 widths of cabinets for your SYS S, M, L, and XXL systainers.This would be the most space efficient for these specific boxes. The second package would be less brand specific and have 3 widths. One width for half width (10 ish inches)  boxes, one for tstak ish boxes (13-17 ish inches I am getting conflicting info in my search) and one for your regular packout ish width (22 ish inches) boxes. I probably wouldn't have a 4th size for the 30 ish inch range of modular boxes as DeWALT and Festool/Tanos are the only ones I know of that have these and the DeWALT TS 2.0 DXL is already mostly drawers anyways.

I am also thinking the rolling boxes are off limits because they tend to be the biggest and in an effort to be space efficient I won't accommodate for them. The same goes with obscure sizes like the tstak radio for example and some powered boxes and some coolers.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Eric - TIA said:

I wish I had some boxes to give some measurements, but I don't own any.  I can't wait to see this miter station, sounds awesome.

Yeah the plan is you pick your cabinet size based upon the boxes you own then any other things like drawers shelves etc. will be sized to the cabinet you picked. Essentially customize to your liking.

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