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DW059 impact wench problem


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Plenty of power with this wrench but the very first time I used it the impact socket got stuck on so badly it took a punch and hand sledge to get it off. When the socket finally came off along with it came the socket retaining mechanism in several small flying pieces.

It definitly wasn't the socket I was using fault.

Anyone else have this problem? Was I doing something wrong?

I'm not about to repair it just to have it happen again so will use the impact without the retainer.

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Hi I am thinking of getting one of these wrenches for taking wheel nuts off my car for when I am servicing the brakes and that , how do they compare to the Makita BTW450



Dewalt: 300 ft-lbs of torque, 1,650 rpm/2,600 bpm

Makita: 325 ft-lbs of torque, 1,600 rpm/2,200 bpm

These are what the specs are, I've never ran them head to head before though. Specs are hard to use as a comparison, yes Dewalt's has 25 ft-lbs less torque but 400 more bpm than the Makita. My guess is that performance between the two is pretty similar.

The Makita is on Amazon for $339 and the Dewalt is $230. That may help your decision a little.

Dewalt http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001LQLE2/ref=nosim/15053889-20

Makita http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0014Z0MUI/?tag=maus04-20

I also know Lowes is clearancing out this kit right now and you can find it still in some stores for around the same price ($240). They are clearancing it out because they are replacing it with the bare tool instead of the kit w/ batteries.

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I think (75% sure) there are 2 versions of the Dewalt DW059 XRP 1/2" Impact Wrench out there.  One has the 'hog ring' (aka. DW059H) & the other one has what I call the 'detent ball' (aka. DW059).  Then there is the detent ball in just the bare tool (aka. DW059B).  I have used both kinds.  The hog ring style does make it hard to remove sockets, but the ball style is just right.  Good tool to have!

By the way, I bought my DW059B at Lowe's for $134.

Voltage:  18V 

Drive Size:  1/2" 

No Load Speed:  1,650 rpm 

Impacts/Min:  2,600 ipm 

Max Torque:  3,600 in-lbs  / 300 ft-lbs

Tool Weight:  5.3 (tool only)lbs 

Tool Length : 10-3/4" 

Shipping Weight:  5.7lbs

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