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dc988 extra parts from transmission


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I took my drill apart to clean it out and the transmission fell and all the pieces came out.  I got it all back together and working but there were 5 small pieces left that i could not find a place for.  There are silver and about 1/8" round and about 1/4" long.  There are  no holes or grooves at all in it.  The pieces fell out of the transmission.  Any help would be appreciated.


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from the pic you posted, those pins look like they may be broken off on the one ends.  maybe they were center guides for a certain set of gears.  and if thats true, you may be alright without them, since the teeth of the gears will keep them in position.  this is just a guess.  ;D

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They allow the chuck to lock. Have you noticed a difference when you try to tighten the chuck? They ride on the outside of the shaft connecting your chuck to your transmission. Once you have your transmission removed, you will see a shaft showing through. It should be a Octagon, or similar shape. The pins go on the flat edge of each.

Something similar to the picture below on the left. Different model, similar idea.


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