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Different location for the LED light in cordless drills...


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Case in point.

How hard would it be for the dewalt engineers/designers to come up with something like this...



I used cheap lights (non-LED) here to see how it would look. with todays tecjnology, there are very tiny LED light (smaller than the ones on the pic) that emit a lot of light. also, the drill collar only would get a little fat to house the LEDs.

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Dewalt did a similar thing to the new 20v max impact driver.

I was not aware of that, though I own the 12v max impact driver and love the 3 LED lights.

There are to many moving parts on a drill/driver to put 3 lights up front. I doubt you will ever see it on a drill driver.

they are not very good engineers/designers then :) because I can think of two designs that could work.

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