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Pressure Washer to Clean Up Driveway


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Yeah, repainting the driveway would be a tremendous hassle and likely cost you more in supplies than just renting a power washer and wiping away the stains yourself.  It's been a while since I power washed the driveway, but the whole job only took about an hour to an hour and a half.

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Step 1- pressure wash with a detergent to break get rid of the oils. BTW, you need to use a pressure washer that has a lot of PSI in order to remove the oily layer...

Step 2- right after it dries, use a sealer specialized for drive ways or garages. regular home wall paint won't do.

Step 3- continue working on cars with out having to see oil stains.

better is to epoxy... here is an old video from this old house (notice how they use a dewalt drill to mix the epoxy :) )... though this is more towards a garage floor...


here is another video that is more recent...


now in 2012, they should have concrete color epoxy for your drive way... so i believe... i could be wrong.

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