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can you use a lithium ion battery in a dewalt that comes with xrp batteries?


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After doing some research Jasonrocha, I was able to find a diagram http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dcd950-type-18v-xrp-hammer-drill-parts-c-1009_9661_16250.html  and learned some information.

The standard battery that is used in this Dewalt DCD950 Type 1 18V XRP Hammer Drill is a  Dewalt 18 Volt Battery (XRP, Ni-Cd) Part Number: 389795-23.    Here is where I found that information.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-volt-battery-xrp-nicd-p-82644.html

To answer your question, in truth I am not so sure.  I wasn't able to locate a picture of the charger used in model, but the reason I lean more towards no in this instance is the new lithium ion battery you would place into this unit might not fit properly, if at all into the charger base.

If you could please post a link/picture of your charger, that would be very helpful.

However I did some interesting information on your Nickel–cadmium battery (also known as Ni-cd).    According to www.ereplacementsparts.com, this part (your battery) eplaces obsolete part #: 389795-13 and DC9096.

So what that means is that this battery's design likely has changed twice before and that means that there is a chance that only one type of battery might fit into the unit. 

Hope I was able to provide some information, sorry if I didn't really provide a clear cut answer. 

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Yes, all Dewalt 18v batteries are interchangeable with one another. You will need the newer charger though. The DW9116 that comes with your DCD950 won't charge 18v lithium batteries. You will need the DC9310 charger. The DC9310 will charge both NiCd's and Lithium in the 7.2v-18v, excluding 12v max and 20v max batteries.

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Jasonrocha, if you are looking to pick up a DC9310 charger it's going to be $90 dollars even at Dewalt Service net.  Here is a link to the product.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/search_result.php?q=DC9310&type=search-part&alert=1

However, you likely willing be either or shipping/tax, so there is a chance this item could end up costing $95-100 dollars.  Considering the battery that came with your DCD950 is $102.89 dollars http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dcd950-type-18v-xrp-hammer-drill-parts-c-1009_9661_16250.html but that is before tax and or shipping.

I can only imagine the Lithium ion version is even more expensive, likely exceeding that number.  Not sure how much you paid for this drill, but needless to say, this could cost over (potentially) $300, maybe even more. 

Buying a used battery isn't the best route either, because unless you personally know the person your buying from your going to be taking a gamble.  The battery may work one day and the next, it might not.  Or if your lucky, it will work for years on end without a single issue.  The odds are between 1% and 100% depending on the situation.  Even a 50% gamble is considered good with batteries, but unless you have the tools to measure all the aspects of the battery, your only other option is to take to a battery shop such as Batteries Plus.

Even then though, it's still a bit of a gamble though, as if the batteries are on their way out,  either you replace the cells or replace the entire battery.  Buying the cells is fairly simple (to a certain degree) but actually installing these cells correctly (correctly in this case, ensuring that all the connections are solid so they won't burn out.  This has happened to me before.) 

However, if you do decide to replace the cells, your are likely going to need a Torx T 10 screwdriver/wrench/drill bit to open the batteries up.  In some cases, it might be Torx T 15. 

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You can find some pretty good deals out there on the charger, but if you are planning to go lithium, you will save money buying the DCD970KL instead of the DCD950KX.  This is the same drill, but comes with XRP lithium batteries and the yellow charger, then you are just looking for a DC9096 battery if you want a ni-cad at some point (no other additional purchases necessary).  FYI the 970 typically costs around $30 more than the 950, vs. trying to buy an additional charger and batteries after you already buy the 950.  Just food for thought.

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My local lowe's has 3 DCD970's on clearance for $269.00.

Considering they are on clearance though, if a problem should arise (less likely with modern batteries I imagine) with these batteries or even just one, your pretty much stuck with them as I don't believe Lowes permits any returns on any clearance items. 

Plus, you can probably find them on Amazon much cheaper and with Amazon, they accept any item within 30 days of purchase.    Or if you want factory direct with both the charger and or battery, I highly recommend Grainger. 

Here is the Grainger link to the charger.  http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DEWALT-Battery-Pack-4HVH2?Pid=search  and here is the link to the charger that can both Ni-cd and Lithium ion batteries.  http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DEWALT-Battery-Charger-2AEX1?Pid=search

However, if you don't want a dual charger and just want a Lithium only charger I also have a link for that as well with Grainger.  Here it is.  http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DEWALT-Battery-Charger-11A157?Pid=search

Also if for what ever reason your not satisfied with 18 volt charger and decide to go up to 20 volt, here is a charger for that Lithium ion battery.  http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DEWALT-Battery-11A168?Pid=search

That is probably one of the better charger's out there for the 20 volt batteries and it's made in Japan,  so you know your going to getting a quality product as well.

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